If you’re all set for the Move, Here’s what you need to Know

Moving can be frustrating and exciting at the same time. From packing all your stuff to transition and safe replacement, everything calls for a proper planning and backup. If you are all set for your moving day, here’s a list of few things that you need to know:

Confirm your booking with the Removals Fulham Company

Now that you are all ready for moving, just confirm your booking with the respective Removals Company you have hired. Although, it is not necessary to do so, but just in case you might want to ensure that the movers will be available on time.

Reputable moving organizations have online chat facilities available for their customers. If you have hired one of those, you can confirm about your booking by posting a message in their online chat window.

Devise a system to notify every one of your new address

Before you move out of your current home create a system to notify every one about your new address. Place a temporary board/card flashing your new address outside your current home. You should also inform the utility companies to turn off your subscription for the old address and create another for the new address.

It is important that you notify every one about your new address a couple days before you move. Also, make sure all your mails are forwarded to the new location, so that you don’t lose any important correspondence.

Say goodbye to your neighbors and family

If you are single and relocating without your family, it’s time you say goodbye to all of them. Maybe you can arrange a small meet-up and tell everyone how much you are going to miss them once you have moved to the new place.

Walk up to your neighbor’s house and say goodbye to them before your moving day. Tell them that you will try and stay in touch with them as frequently as possible once you have moved to the new place.

Get everything settled with yourlandlord

If you made a security payment to your landlord when you moved into your current apartment, it’s time you request him to cut the charges for any breakage that was caused and settle the remaining amount. Ask him to take a walk around your housing area and identify any damage that has been caused to the property as a direct result of your negligence.

Sale out all of your unnecessary stuff

Over the years we all accumulate things we might never use. There are tons of appliances, magazines, shirts, dresses and various other items that we have been saving for all this time and yet not use them.

If you still have a couple days in your move, put up all the unnecessary stuff on a garage sale or donate the unused items to some charitable organization. This will help you decrease the weight you will be carrying to the new place, and also keep your new house clutter-free. Click here for more in info about Removals Beckhenam

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