You Don’t Need To Be Rich – 5 Brilliant Ideas To Save Money While Travelling

The challenges of daily life can be enough to bog you down. Do you feel the need to get away from daily workplace worries and stress? If the answer is yes, then plan your getaway and change how you spend your leisure time after the end of the lockdown.

With the help of some online research, you can enjoy world-class services without spending extra cash from your holiday budget. Despite the current situation regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it is possible to travel from Sydney to Melbourne and spend the holidays of your dreams. 

Even by organizing a fun road trip, you can detox your mind and body by relaxing and spending some quality time with your family and friends. This will help you save money and enjoy a unique and thrilling fun vacation. 

Although, no one knows when will the lockdown end. However, tourism experts believe that local traveling will be allowed by the end of May or June this year. 

By planning wisely, you can be the envy of your friends and colleagues. Here are some useful tips and tricks on how to plan a safe and fun holiday trip. 

Opt for a distinct route which is not crowded by tourists 

You can opt for a distinct route that can take you to those areas which are not crowded by tourists. This way, you can experience peace and serenity as you get closer to nature and the sparkling sea waves. After the lockdown, people will prefer vacationing to remote areas through personal transportation instead of traveling in crowded planes, buses, trains, etc. This will help you stay safe as there will be fewer chances of getting infected through direct contact with people. Moreover, you can save a lot of traveling expenses if you travel in your car. Moreover, you can opt for a friendly carpool to save even more cash.

Relax at the beaches 

If you do not feel like meditating and being one with nature, you can enjoy kayaking and surfing on your holidays with your dear ones at tropical beaches. To boot, you can relax at the beaches, go for a swim at the secluded beaches and soak up some sun. Apart from getting a gorgeous tan, you also get a chance to see the gorgeous and serene visuals such as the sunset or the rising sun. How is that for your Facebook post?! Instead of staying at an expensive hotel, you can rent a cottage. This will make your vacation unique and you will be saving extra hotel room expenses.

Squid Fishing

Squid fishing is yet another popular onboard activity that attracts hundreds of tourists and travelers wanting to spend a fun and enthralling vacation. Similar to fishing, this activity requires a lot of time and patience. The ideal time for this activity is springtime. At times, there isn’t any moonlight for squid fishing and therefore, you tourists are often provided with special night lights along with fishing rods to catch squids easily. Once you have caught enough squids, you can prepare some exotic squid delicacies for you and your group members. All in all, it is a wonderful and affordable activity that helps you relax, enjoy and make your travels fun and memorable.

A lot of hotels will be offering heavy discounts after the lockdown

One major reason why you should plan a holiday after the lockdown is the great and unique opportunity of traveling and tourism you will get after the lockdown. You can plan a thrilling heli-ski trip with your k2 snowboards and skis or a luxurious cruise vacation.  Away from the crowd, as the cruise sails through an exclusive route dotted with ideal travel destinations, you can rejuvenate and refresh your mind. Moreover, a lot of hotels will be offering heavy discounts to bring their loyal customers back. Therefore, you can travel in style without spending more than your actual travel budget. 


Kayaking is a simple and fun water sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It can help to improve your overall fitness and flexibility. Through kayaking, you can explore a variety of different lakes, rivers and appreciate the beauty of the underwater world. Whether you paddle on rivers during the day or at night, you are bound to enjoy and have an amazing experience with kayaking. You don’t need a lot of expensive equipment for this activity. All you need to do is rent a based on your budget and the total number of people in your group.

To sum up

Rather than worrying about catching the coronavirus, travel safely by wearing a mask, gloves and disinfecting your clothes and hands from time to time. Considering the stress caused by staying in self-isolation due to the coronavirus, it is crucial for people to purify their mind and soul once the lockdown ends. By following safety precautions suggested by the government for traveling, you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about getting infected by the coronavirus. Also, if you are experiencing any symptoms, it is better to get tested.   

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