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What are the Modest Fashion Trends 2020

Whether you’re someone who likes modest apparel or wants to try this new style, runways are good to help us predict the new fashion trends and get ready to plan your wardrobes in advance. With the shows ending the last few months, some popular elements for 2020 modest fashion are noticed. Below, I’ve concluded 3 major trends that you can absolutely try in real life, here we go!

 1. Try Silky Fabric 

The silky fabric has a natural elegant draping—this flowing beauty evokes a positive response to the modest dressing and completely presents a tender and noble vibe. Apparently, the loose silk dress / clothes are helpful to bring some balance to this plain style and enhance your elegance.


2. Try Patterns or Prints 

The strategy to get your look noticed is trying patterns or prints. People always associate modest fashion with Islamic fashion, which in their minds are women/girls with hijabs and black clothes. However, the runway brings us a brand-new and brighter image of modest fashion as something colorful and trendy.


Compared to the traditional and conservative designs, in the Istanbul Modest Fashion Week, we discover several elements that rarely appear in modest dressing, such as tassels, big flower printing, bright hues, etc. Those design elements are great improvers to take a modest look into next level and can be worn in our daily life, too.

3. Try Tunic / Short Dress+ Pants 

When we mention modest fashion, most of us believe it equals to modest maxi dresses or clothes in dark tones. However, the catwalk shows present another style to expand its definition and broaden its appeal. Wearing a tunic (short dress) over pants can be flattering and stylish—this combo formula is quite appropriate for the modest theme and versatile for any woman. Here are some tricks we can decode from the runways.


A. Loose Linen Tunic + Linen Pants: this combination works harmoniously with each other and gives a fantastic minimalist vibe. The best way to look to ease into the tunic-pants trends is to keep the two items in the same tones in case your outfits look too dizzy.

B. Knee Length Dress + Slouchy Pants: the principle is to make sure your dress taking up 2/3 and the pants taking up 1/3 ( that’s the perfect proportions for this look). Opt for the loose dress means that you don’t need to surrender your waist and easy to get a casual chic. Of course, the tied-waist design also works for this style depending on whether you want to highlight your waistline.

C. Oversized Shirt Dress + Jeans/Pants: shirt dress is a very easy way to combine with your jeans or pants in all seasons, which is super comfortable, office appropriate and versatile for a day out. I also like to accessorize with a belt to give the dress a new silhouette and bring an extra colors to the look.

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