Utilize Your Apartment Through These Tips

Apartments may be small, but that doesn’t mean that you have to avoid buying big things. Here are some space saving ideas to help you do this:

Cardboard Shoe Rack

This simple space saving tip makes use of equilateral triangles. The geometric shape is a tough structure that can be beautifully patterned into modules that can fit all of your individual pairs of shoes.

First, simply cut out a piece of cardboard to the size you need; the bigger your shoe size, the bigger the cardboard needs to be. Segment it into three equal sides to form a triangular tube. Use tape to hold it together. Create enough of these for all your shoes. Use long pieces of cardboard to stick one row of triangles together at the bottom and the top. Repeat these steps to create as many layers as you like. Design as you please.

The result will be a multi-layer shoe rack that can stack your shoes without being messy and disorganized. This will also easily fit your closet.

Mason Jar Shelf Storage
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Mason Jar Shelf Storage

Naturally, everyone thinks of using the top of shelves to store their materials. But have you ever thought of using the bottom of it? This tip will show you how to do so with some mason jars hanging at the bottom of a shelf.

First of all, you can only do this with a shelf that has a flat bottom. Flip this upside down and mark out where you want the lids of each jar to go. Make sure you leave enough space in between the jars for them to be able to spin freely. Nail/screw the lids down once you’ve decided. Hang the shelf on a wall space of your choice and screw in the jars to the lids. Label and decorate them as you please.

Doing this will give you storage at the bottom of the shelf that is spunky and organized. Simply unscrew the jars to access their insides.

Pegboard Wall

If one of the walls in a room is covered with peg boards, then you have limitless possibilities when it comes to storage with movable baskets and tons of wall space.

To do this, get some pegboards first. Paint them to your desired colour and/or design but do so without overloading your brush with paint; this is to avoid any globs of paint getting in the holes of the peg board. Nail them to the wall of your choice. Lightly sand the boards and apply 2-3 coats of polycrylic finish. Place the anchors on the pegs where you want your hooks and/or baskets to be. Screw in nails into these anchors with some space in between them so that the hooks and/or baskets can attach to them. You’re done.

You will have fun experimenting with different placements of hooks and baskets on the pegboards. If you need more space, then simply add more.

Hanging Hoop Hamper
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Hanging Hoop Hamper

Laundry baskets can be huge and take up a lot of space in a cramped apartment. Why not hang them up instead? All you need for this one is a pillow case, an embroidery hoop, twine, a hook, screws, and a drill.

First of all, screw in the hook on a wall or door of your choice. Then assemble the hanging hamper by securing the opening of the pillow case with the hoop. You can do this by inserting the rim of the pillowcase opening it in between the two hoops of the embroidery hoop. Make sure it doesn’t fall out by tying the twine around the hoop’s screw mount tightly. Hang the hamper by the hoop on the hook and you have your own hanging hamper. Because this is a non-intrusive process, you can always switch out the pillow case for a different design.

Doing this leaves a lot of space of the floor for other things aside from your dirty clothes.

With these tips, there is no need to worry about space. You can go ahead and buy all the bulky things you need/want.


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