Top Tattoo Trends Worth Embracing for the Remainder of 2019

Tattoos have become increasingly popular in India over recent years with even a number of Bollywood stars such as Priyanka Chopra, Ranbir Kapoor, and Akshay Kumar all sporting their own unique ink. While what tattoo you choose to adorn your body with is entirely up to you, it is always good to stay abreast of the latest trends, especially if being considered hip is important to you. This year, like last, minimalistic tattoos are once again proving to be very trendy while geometric designs are popular among both women and men. There are, in fact, a whole range of tattoo trends, such as the following, that are proving to be exceptionally well-liked this year.

Minimalist designs are often timeless

Less is often more where tattoos are concerned and now, more than ever before, small, subtle skin art is trending among Indians of all ages.  Whereas big and bold tattoos are often considered to be overly ostentatious, simple, minimalistic tattoos not only look awesome but may even be considered tasteful and elegant. Some of the most popular minimalistic designs of the year include singular words or short phrases, tiny flowers, single-line hairline tattoos, and ring tattoos. While traditional black tattoos will always remain popular, tiny full-colour tattoos are becoming more desirable with an increasing number of people opting to spend more money on colourful body art.

Red ink tattoos are definitely trending

Google searches for red ink tattoos have increased by an astonishing 2401% so far this year and it is honestly not hard to see why. Red ink does not only look incredible when used on its own but also when used to add detail to a black tattoo. Some of the most requested red tattoo designs include borderless hearts, mandalas, text, butterflies, and flowers. Single-colour red ink tattoos are essentially borderless and because of this they may bleed and fade over time. You can, however, keep it looking as good as possible by simply looking after your skin art as prescribed by your tattoo artist. There are a number of essential oils such as Frankincense and Myrrh that are especially beneficial when it comes to helping your tattoos heal.

There is a high demand for geometric designs

Geometric designs in varying styles have been skyrocketing in popularity for more than a year already. Although simple shapes are still considered trendy, more intricate designs such as mandalas are proving to be in very high demand.  Many tattoo artists also offer their clients unique geometrical designs featuring animals, birds, feathers, and even flowers that prove to be highly admired. Of all the current tattoo trends, geometrical shapes are among the most well-liked especially thanks to international celebs such as Avril Lavigne, Jared Leto, and Sapna Bhavnani who all sport their own striking skin art.

While trends may come and go, tattoos are, typically, a lifetime commitment. Although laser tattoo removal techniques do exist it is always a good idea to not act in haste and make sure you can live with a tattoo forever before investing in a piece of skin art.


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