Traveling on the surface is about seeing new places and (if you’re going to volunteer abroad) at the same time giving back a bit. But it’s so much more underneath, opening your horizons to experience cultures, cuisines and landscapes that are completely different.Experience Worlds best heli skiing, surfing, sky diving, bungee jumping, cavern diving, speed riding and much more from around the globe. Although photos are proof that you have gone and seen, the transformation is also the best proof of why travel is important..

Others say it’s an indulgent cost to waste traveling money that could be spent on saving for a home loan or “building for the future,” but travel addicts would be making a strong case against it.  It’s not about ticking off the “bucket list” and recounting all the places you’ve been to, but how you’re traveling affects you as a person, your connections to the rest of the world, and your humanity.  

Seven reasons stated below for why to add travelling to your to-do list if you need help convincing yourself or others why traveling is a worthwhile effort:

1.Travel is educational

Travel offers you a fantastic chance to learn a lot of new things. Yes, you gain knowledge from travel guides, and you may be able to see what you’re reading about, but there’s nothing like feeling the sun on your face or the snow in your hair.

2. It puts life in perspective

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If you’ve grown up with all the comforts of the modern world and had the chance to go to college or even university, you can easily forget that this isn’t the case for everyone in the world. . To put your own life in perspective, it can be a major wake-up call to travel to other countries, especially developing countries. Things that you may take for granted, such as running hot water, modern equipment, and the chance to study and get a well-paid job at the end, are not at everyone’s disposal, just because of their birthplace. You will likely come up with a new appreciation for all you have and work your way through life’s challenges.

3. You’ll make friends from across the globe

There is no question that one of the best things about travel is the relationships and bonds you make with people from all over the planet. You may be shocked at how close you can meet people within a matter of hours if you are thrown together by circumstances in a country that is not home to any of you. Volunteer placements are a great way to build strong friendships when you work towards a common goal, not just with other travelers, but with the local community as well.The interactions you’ll have will provide an incredible local insight into cultural traditions, beliefs and way of life on a communal level – something that you just can’t experience on TV or in a text book.

4. You’ll discover the world’s incredible cultural diversity

Even if you live in a multicultural society and there are people of all beliefs and cultures living in your city, this is only scratching the surface of what is out there. Travel is a great way to immerse yourself in the cultural diversity that exists in our world. From festivals to food, weddings and funeral ceremonies, it’s mind blowing the unique ways different ethnic groups and tribes choose to celebrate life and the ancient customs that dictate everyday living.

5. You’ll experience places you never imagined existed

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If you’ve ever been awe-struck by a photograph of a landscape somewhere exotic, then just imagine how you would feel standing within it! Travel gives you the opportunity to trek, bike, raft and drive through incredible landscapes, uncovering places you never believed existed, and not only view them with your own eyes, but soak up the indescribable feelings that come with standing amidst places of natural beauty. You can scan travel brochures and the internet for photos of the most beautiful places across the world, but nothing equals actually experiencing them first hand.

6. You’ll have incredible adventures (and stories to tell)

Whatever your initial expectations and travel plans are, it’s more than likely that you’ll have incredible adventures along the way that not even J.K. Rowling could write the script for. Sometimes it’s everyday encounters that dish up unimaginable experiences, or wild side trips that you take on a whim, but chances are you’ll be going home with a few tales to tell

7. Travel happiness is infectious!

Some might think that ditching all your modern comforts, friends, family and beloved belongings from back home sounds like misery, but there is something about travel that infects most with happiness. Perhaps it’s the freedom of being on the road with no deadlines or chores, or the everyday discovery of new destinations, foods, cultures and friends, but travel is a great way to realign and find balance in your life, resulting in a happier, healthier you.


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