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Top 7 Must Visit Street Shopping Places in Metro Cities of India

A weekend is incomplete without shopping. It’s like a drug that gives you immense pleasure and makes your weekend complete. While the big brand stores in malls are tussling with online stores over capturing the market, street shopping takes away the cake.  The street shopping markets set a perfect example of providing variety of items at a price which won’t make a hole in your pocket.


So here are 7 best street shopping places in our metros! Check them out:


  1. Commercial Street – Bangalore


This place has to offer everything from quirky stuff to fabulous dresses that will fit into your minimalist budget. You can shop as well as chill here. The market has it all from brand showrooms to best food joints.


  1. Sarojini Nagar – Delhi


“Sarojini k kapde pehen k jaati madam disco”, which means this place has all the latest fashionable clothes, shoestuff,  bags and everything. Also known as SN by Dilli people. Availing the oh so gorgeous things here under Rs 500 is not a challenge. One more reason to shop here is trial rooms have been set up for the customers at this street-market.


  1. New Market – Kolkata


Originally its name was Sir Stuard Hogg Market, today known as the New Market. If you know how to negotiate the price, then this is actual shopping place for you.Within your budget the market offers you clothes, bags, accessories, trinkets and not to forget great food. Bengali saree and silver jewellery are a must to buy when visiting the New Market.


  1. Colaba Causeway – Mumbai


Colaba market is a crowded place known for good street stuff and also costly souveniers. You need to have good bargaining skills when you are shooping at this street. The market has something for all kinds of shoppers and travellers. After hours of bargaining one can sit down at the various food outlets and enjoy the food.


  1. Jew Town – Kochi


If you have that fetish for old antiques, then this is just the right place for you. Jew Town provides you with the quirky and attractive sight of Kerala. You will get unique handicrafts, paintings and Kolapuris at the roads of the market. The snack outlets and cafes are a good place to hangout in Kochi.


  1. Fashion Street – Cantonment Pune


If you are visiting Pune, then visiting Fashion street is a must as it has anything and everything that you want to shop for. If you are not brand conscious then this market is perfect for you.  From novelties, shoes, dresses it offers you everything.


  1. Arpora Saturday Night Bazaar- Goa


Goa – the name is enough. From Indian handicrafts, leather items. gypsy boxes it has everything. The night bazaar has culinary feasts, live music, drinks and shops, this market enhances your overall Goa experience!

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  • Thanks!! This was of great help. Will keep in mind the next time I drop in any of these cities.


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