Top 5 Toughest Hair Removal Problems Solved

When it comes to removing hair, the options are infinite. A lot of people have unnecessary hair. It is common on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, legs, back, fingers, toes and feet. It can have many reasons; it can be genetic, certain medications like steroids, polycystic ovarian syndrome and higher levels of certain hormones.

Whether you love it, hate it, leave it, or remove it, the politics close the way women, especially, be apt to their own fuzz is everlastingly a controversial issue. Some choose forgo a hair removal method and leave it to grow as nature planned (it is good to remember that we do grow hair for a variety of reasons: hygiene, warmth and to guard against friction) at the same time others choose a hair removal method to get rid of every strand growing lower than their eyelashes. It is personal and absolutely your choice. Professional electrolysis and laser hair removal are the most effective and safest ways to get permanent hair reduction. But there are quite expensive, mostly women go for hair removal options like waxing, threading, shaving etc.

Obviously everyone is not professional in this, so we have decided to discuss some common problems women face during hair removal process.

Problem #1: Redness and irritation caused by waxing

Facial waxing can results in mild irritation and redness for the short time after use. You may observe that freshly waxed skin is red or pink, and a little sensitive to the touch. Redness will normally disappear by the next day. Irritation and redness from facial waxing are mostly temporary. However, a rash is a possible consequence. This can even last for a day or longer.

Redness and irritation caused by waxing


  1. Apply a cool compress if it is tender.
  2. If your rash is severe, or if it spreads, stop using the product without delay.
  3. The more frequently you wax, the less likely you’re to have an infection.
  4. Your daily facial products may also burn your skin, so you should stay away from alcohol-based toners after waxing your face

Problem #2: Cuts, Nicks and Razor burn caused by razors

The clearest reason of getting nicks or cuts from shaving is being not careful. Cuts linked with shaving usually happen because the individual is rushing to complete. So make sure to have sufficient amount of time when shaving to avoid nicks and cuts.

Razor burn is one more skin problem that is caused by shaving. Some people assume that if they push the blade harder in the skin, it will cut the hair deeper. The dilemma is that shaving can only eliminate the hair on the surface and pressing it harder against skin will only scratch it, causing it be hurting and look reddened, swollen or worst.

Cuts, Nicks and Razor burn caused by razors


  1. If you use disposable blades or razors, wet your skin and use shaving cream or soap.
  2. Shave in the direction the hair grows.
  3. Replace your blades frequently because you can cut yourself with a dull one.
  4. Do not press the blade harder against your skin

Problem # 3: Skin Irritation caused by hair removing creams

Skin sensitivity and irritation are common with hair removing creams. During applying, the skin stings and tingles slightly. The sensations generally stop after rinsing, but individuals with thin-skinned skin may continue to have unlikeable sensations for hours after applying. Dryness, rash, itching and sensitivity are general. Furthermore, it is common to have feeling of slight sunburn.

Skin Irritation caused by hair removing creams


  1. To avoid irritation, always use the right cream to get the job done.
  2. Creams are formulated according to hair type, skin type and the removal area.
  3. To reduce irritation, use the mildest formula to get rid of unwanted hair.

Problem #4: Lingering Smell of hair removal products


Even though companies have use many methods to sweeten the smell of their hair-removal products, but still most products have an unpleasant odour. The odour, caused by the chemical component of the product, mostly stays behind even after rinsing, much like the smell of a lasting wave. While you can apply creams, lotions and body sprays to hide the smell, your skin will carry on to have a strange smell for a few hours after treatment.

Lingering Smell of hair removal products


Use loads of soap, and then once they are dried use a scented body moisturiser to cover it up.

Problem #5: Sparse Hair by tweezing

Over-tweezing the eyebrows can causing brows that are sparse, thin, and unattractive. The results of plucking can last from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on your person hair growth rate. This means that if you make a blunder, you must put up with it for as a minimum several weeks.

Sparse Hair by tweezing


  1. Before you become hopeless, rely on cosmetic solutions while your hair grows again.

A brow powder or pencil that matches the hair colour can mimic the look of the absent hairs. Just ensure you use light pat for a natural look.

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