Top 5 Things To Do With Family on Chardham Yatra by Helicopter Trip

In today’s hectic life people don’t get enough time to enjoy with their families. The busy schedule does not allow them to sit together and spend some happy moments. For a healthy family, it is very important to give enough time to family members. 

In this situation, what is better than a fun-filled vacation with your dear ones in the lap of Himalayas?      

And there is no better place than Chardham yatra to spend some quality time with your family in a peaceful environment. The beautiful scenery, finger-licking food, and silence will put you in a good mood and you can have some quality moments with your family. Chardham yatra is an ideal place for you to enjoy some happy and religious moments with your family. This yatra has something for every age group so that no one gets bored.

This yatra will introduce your kids to a whole new level of spirituality in an adventurous way. It is full of amazing experiences like sightseeing, trekking, waterfalls, hot spring bath, and many more. All these experiences will allow you to rejuvenate the love and to strengthen the bond between the family members. Going on the Chardham yatra tour brings peace and happiness among family members.

If you feel that you are exhausted with your daily routine life and want to have a nice vacation with your family so that you get to spend some precious moments with your family members and relieve some stress then don’t just wait, Book a package of Chardham yatra by helicopter from Lih.travel (Leisure India Holiday) with your family. 

Lih.travel (Leisure India Holiday) brings a family package for Chardham yatra by helicopter, which is custom made for you by covering all the religious sites and some other places around the sites where you can come close to your family. Leave all the worry about arranging and managing things on Lih.travel (Leisure India Holiday) and just enjoy your 5 days and 4 nights package of Char Dham yatra by helicopter with your family. Chardham yatra tour package cost is Rs 1,75,000 per head.

The Chardham are located in the Garhwal hills and are aided by the greenery of nature and sacred temples making this trip more memorable. The journey starts with the first Dham i.e, Yamunotri. The name is derived from the river Yamuna. The second Dham to visit is Gangotri, the place of origin of river Ganga. Then comes the third Dham, Kedarnath. This is the place where one of the jyotirlingas exist and people pay their respect to Lord Shiva. Badrinath is the last Dham and the journey of Chardham by helicopter gets finished here. This place is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This site is also known as the land of Narayana. 

Things To Do With Family On Your Trip to Chardham Yatra by Helicopter

Visit the Hot water spring 

There are plenty of ancient and natural hot water springs on the path of Char Dham yatra by helicopter. You can enjoy a bath with your family in the hot water spring and build fabulous memories that will strengthen your bond. 

The most famous hot water spring is Surya Kund named after the Sun god. Prasad that is used during the pooja is prepared in this Kund. The prasad is made of rice and potatoes that are first tied in a cloth and then dipped in the hot water. Making prasad together will provide you with all the opportunities to talk with your family members and to know more about them. 

Go on Trekking

This yatra is full of trekking with the most beautiful view of snow-covered mountains, rivers, and lakes. But the path of trekking is a little bit challenging and requires physical and mental strength. So, family member encourages each other to complete the trek and have good communication. This communication makes everyone feel special. 

The environment with fresh air and a beautiful view will offer you peace and serenity. 

See the Waterfalls 

Waterfalls are great for a picnic. There is serendipity in the gushing sound of water with the chirping of birds in the background. No matter how tensed you are this scene will definitely bring peace and calmness and you will feel relaxed and happy. Sitting near a waterfall will give you freedom and space with your family so that you can interact with them. This will help your kids to explore and to know more about nature. 

  • You can visit Vasundhara fall which is near Badrinath. It falls from a height of about 122 meters.
  • Kempty fall is close to Yamunotri. It is one of the best picnic spots for a family. 
  • Surya Kund fall is situated just a few km away from the Gangotri temple.

Attend the Ganga Aarti

Ganga aarti is highly recommended. After the sunset, the aarti is done by the priests with Vedic songs and a large number of devotees praying to god create a peaceful environment that will give you goosebumps. This scene will definitely imbibe some spiritual values in your kids. 

Go to Harsil

Harsil is a place where you get to see the calm and clean flow of the Bhagirathi river. Submerged Shivling can be viewed in the river if the flow of the water is low. There are many places of sightseeing where you can relax with your family and can spend some quality time with them and make your bond more stronger. Visiting Harsil will give you stunning and breathtaking views of the Himalayas that you can cherish with your family.   

Now comes the very important question “ where to book a package for Char Dham yatra by helicopter?”

You can book an amazing package of Chardham yatra by helicopter on Lih.travel (Leisure India Holiday) to discover the places near the Chardham. This package includes 5 days and 4 nights. It will cover all the places in the given time. The package is budget-friendly.

Lih.travel (Leisure India Holiday) is a travel agency creating beautiful memories for its customers from the last 13 years. Their guests have given them positive feedbacks.

Physical health depends on mental health and mental health is improved when people speak their hearts out. Holidays with family provides ample time for a good communication where the family members gets close to each other. Chardham yatra by helicopter is the best way to discover more about your family and to teach your kids about spirituality and religion.



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