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Top 5 Funny moments in sports captured on cam presented by aalooo

Sports is part of some of the most exhilarating and exciting parts of history.  The adrenalin rush every time two of the biggest rivals in any sports face each other is insurmountable.  However, sports are not really all that serious a matter for some.  By catching a funny sport picture just when it’s relevant, you will find out that sports will not only improve your health physically but give you a laugh that will get rid of all your worries for the day.

Mario Balotelli Memes

epic mario

Mario Balotelli has got to be one of the most trolled football players.    One quick search results in oodles of Mario Balotelli Memes especially during the time he was celebrating his goal.  You will see an assortment of memes such as an edited photo of him carrying a KFC Chicken Bucket, Gatling gun, wearing a ballet tutu and a lot more.

 Usain Bolt Getting Hit be a Camera Man


While Usain was celebrating his gold medal award by winning the 200 meter dash, his celebration was cut short when a camera man riding a Segway went too close to him.  Fortunately, the Bolt wans’t in a serious accident from the incident.  He even made a joke out of it by saying that the Segway has a more considerable amount of impact compared to his rivals.  The entire moment was caught on tape and became a viral funny picture.

Anthony Joshua vs. Dillian Whyte

funny sports

It was a tough battle between Anthony Joshua and Dillian Whyte.  The two boxers are inseparable even when the bell rings.  And since only the ref can stop the fight, Howard Foster, the referee during that game, tried to separate both of the fighters by bravely taking a punch in the face from the two opposing sportsmen, landing on our list of top sports funny pictures.

Andy Murray Had Enough


Tennis is not really a brawling game; it is a sport that doesn’t require physical contact from between players which makes them a little more level-headed.  It is not that often that we see a tennis player reaches a breaking point.  One sports funny pictures moment would be the time when Andy Murray continuously swing the tennis racket on the ground while exhibiting the most frightening look on his face.

Philippe Coutinho vs. the Ball

chelsea vs liverpool
chelsea vs liverpool

During the match between Southampton and Liverpool, Philippe Coutinho is all fired up and very determined to win the game.  He even took his ire against the ball and ended up being hit massively in his face.  The sports funny pictures during the match says it all.

Sports are not only good for your physique and health, but the sports funny pictures will also improve your humour.  Even the biggest names in the sports have their funniest and most awkward moments.

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