Toothache at Night – How to Deal with the Pain?

Toothache does not make you sleep? There are different types of toothache, which occur with different modalities and intensity during the course of the day. An example is a nocturnal toothache, which has very specific symptoms and requires a series of useful precautions to avoid the risk of insomnia.

Types of toothache and their causes:

Sore Night Teeth:

Insomnia and toothache are often linked: the cause is intense pain that prevents peaceful sleep and good rest. If you have a toothache, what to do and how to fight it will depend on the cause of the pain itself.

In patients who complain of nocturnal pain, the cause is almost always attributable to a deep dental caries, which triggers a sharp and pulsating pain. If the toothache increases in the evening and during the hours of rest it is because, assuming a supine position, the blood flows more easily to the head, causing an increase of the pulsation precisely in correspondence of the carious tooth.

In more serious cases, on the other hand, a nocturnal toothache is linked to dental pulpitis, capable of triggering an acute and spontaneous pain, due to a severe and extensive inflammation affecting the dental pulp. Even this can lead you to decay of teeth and head you to pay root canal charges.


If you happen to wake up in the morning with pain in your jaws or tooth pain, it is probably because your teeth are grinding during the night. This condition can be normal and therefore routine while for others it can occur during periods of severe stress and anxiety. This phenomenon is called Bruxism.

It is a phenomenon much better known for sportsmen because it can occur in moments of strong concentration, so during a race or during a competition.

Being psychological and unmanageable on a conscious level because it occurs to most people during the hours of sleep, it is not easy to recognize it in a short time. This is why patients suffering from bruxism approach the problem after the first symptoms of discomfort develop. In severe case, it is better to pay the rct treatment cost and get rid of the pain.

Teeth Grinding:

Patients presenting with this disorder find themselves having very thin and fragile teeth because during the night they are repeatedly put under stress both by rubbing between the upper and lower arches and by continuous pressure between them.

Thus it starts facilitating caries and, in the most serious case and may lead to fracture or even tooth loss. It is better to consult a dentist and pay the rct of teeth price for going through the treatment.

Furthermore, it can lead to difficulty in opening the jaw and can significantly increase the sensitivity of the teeth when they come into contact with very hot or very cold foods or drinks. Finally, those suffering from bruxism can be affected by headaches that usually last throughout the day.

What are the solutions for not grinding during the night?

A dental bite made of transparent acrylic resin is the best solution to end this disorder. This dental appliance is inserted between the lower and upper arches and can finally bring relief to those suffering from bruxism because it puts an end to contact between the teeth and prevents them from rubbing. It will also get you off from paying the root canal charges as your teeth will be saved from getting decayed.

Remedies and treatment of nocturnal toothache:

Whether you are in the presence of simple caries, or in the presence of pulpitis, you will surely be wondering what to do for the toothache and what is the most correct position for sleeping. In general, to reduce discomfort throughout the day, traditional remedies are still effective: taking painkillers, local application of ice, as well as other natural remedies against toothache.

But if the pain increases in the evening when you are lying down, especially in the case of pulpitis, the advice is to avoid the supine position: sleeping with the head lifted by 2 or 3 pillows, remaining seated is the best solution.

If the pain persists, it is advisable for you to consult the dentist for a follow-up visit and more detailed investigations. Simply pay the rct of teeth price so that the decayed tooth can regain strength.

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