Things to remember when there is a child in your home

Children are very sensitive. Both mentally and physically. They tend to catch illness in a jiffy and also take things personally very easily. That is why, handling them is referred to as kid gloves handling. It is not an easy task to bring up children. Well, all the parents are going to agree on this one.

When there is a kid in the house, the environment becomes totally different. With adults, everything is adjustable and manageable, but when there are children in the picture, there is no question of compromises. They want what they want and when they want it. Handling kids these days is no less than a challenge.

For all those who have kids at home, here is a helping guide that can make your life more peaceful –

Firstly, kids are very stubborn. They enjoy doing what they are told not to do. So, be very smart when you are putting strict restrictions on them. Do not stress any rules. If you say that they are not supposed to write on walls, they are pretty well going to paint those walls. So, handle them intelligently. Tell them that they will receive a chocolate if they keep the walls clean. Rewards are always helpful in making the children follow rules.

Cleanliness is something that is a must in a house with children. So, keep your house well cleaned, and mopped. Do not allow any dirt to settle. Also, inculcate the habit of cleanliness in your kids. Tell them to wash their hands and feet whenever they enter the house from outside. Make it a habit for them to brush twice. Always make them wash their hands before eating something.

In a house with children, there is always a chance of them falling sick. So, have your first aid box ready. Also, have the contact numbers of some of the best paediatric specialist in Mumbai. You should be prepared, especially in monsoons when the children tend to fall sick easily.

Children are in the process of learning. And they learn what they see better than what they hear. Instead of preaching them about household rules, follow them. This way they will try and imitate you.

You must teach healthy eating habits for your children from a very young age. Try to avoid junk food from as earlier as possible. Give them chocolates only once in the week, preferably weekends. The entire week, they must have healthy, homemade food that is rich in nutrients. Make it a habit that they eat vegetables and fruits. Cook tasty and interesting food that they will enjoy eating.

The child should be active from a young age. Make sure the kids play outdoors and do not stick to TV or computer all day long. Physical activity is necessary to make them fit.

Keeping your child healthy and fit is your duty. Do what all you can to make your child a strong and healthy person? You can always take the suggestions of paediatrics doctors in Mumbai if you need it.


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