TheOneSpy Review Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring Software

TheOneSpy is a cell phone and computer monitoring software that allow the user to spy on android, IOS mobile phones, and MAC and windows computer machines. The user needs to have physical access to install the spy software on the target device. However, when it comes to spying on the non-jailbreak iPhone user don’t need to install TheOneSpy non-jailbreak solution for iPhone on target IOS devices. Cellphone and PC tracking app is one of the most powerful software that has ever introduced to the users.

It has multiple OS to spy on and individual surveillance software in terms of the operating system along with effective monitoring tools. It allows parents to perform digital parenting on children smartphones and desktop and laptops computer devices. However, it is very effective for employee monitoring to keep a check on employee’s activities on the company’s owned mobile phones and PCs. Let’s discuss how to install TheOneSpy on target devices for parenting and employee monitoring.

How to install TheOneSpy Cellphone & Computer Tracking App?


First and foremost you have to subscribe for the mobile phone and PC surveillance app. Then you will have the passcode and ID via email sent to you. Moreover, you need to have physical access to your target device. Once you have it start the process of installation and once it is ended, activate it on the target device. However, you have options to use it secretly or not. Choose your best option and activate it on the target cell phone device. Now use the credentials and get access to the online control panel and then visit the features. Let’s discuss all the spy products features individually.

Note: This is the installation process for Android, MAC and for windows. However, when it comes to spying on non-jailbreak iPhone you don’t need to install TheOneSpy non-jailbreak solution for iPhone. You just need to subscribe get credentials and get access to the online control panel and visit the Sync iCloud button. Then get the iCloud credentials and put it to the Sync iCloud button of TheOneSpy control panel. Then you will get the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone features.

Cellphone spy app for android features

Best spy app for Android  empowers a user to get access to the target mobile phone and monitor all the activities happen. The end user can track the surround sounds and conversation with surround monitoring tool. You can spy on text messages and record calls incoming and outgoing calls. However, the user can monitor social media apps activities logs such as text messages, text messages, chat conversations, audio and video conversations, shared media and WhatsApp voice calls, Facebook Voice messages, IMO Voicemails and others. The user can use the android remote controller to remotely control target device activities such as text messages, installed apps, incoming calls, and internet connectivity. However, the user can track GPs location with android GPS location tracker. The user can also get access to browsing history and email monitoring.

The non-jailbreak solution for iPhone features

The user can use the non-jailbreak solution for iPhone with your target IOs devices. It does not need installation process just get access to the web portal and put your children iPhone iCloud credentials and get access to monitoring tools. The user can use safari –browsing history, safari –bookmarks, contacts, Notes, SMS chat list, WhatsApp data and plenty of others.

MAC spy app features

TheOneSpy MAC monitoring app is the best tool to spy on all desktop and laptop MAC computer machines. It enables the user to use website blocking and block the inappropriate websites on the target MAC devices. Moreover, the user can use the MIC bug app to discover surround conversation between children and employees. However, the user can also use a keylogger to get applied keystrokes on the target device and capture screenshots remotely. The user can use camera bug and can remotely get to know who is up to the device and you can use sync setting tools to ON and off the monitoring tools.

Windows Monitoring app features

The user can use Windows surveillance app on the target windows laptop and desktop computing devices. You can use block websites tool to block websites on the target windows device browser. Moreover, a user can use mighty alarms, online and offline tracking and visited websites.


TheOneSpy best cell phone spy app is the powerful tool that allows the user to track android and iOS cellphones and gadgets and as well as the windows and Computer devices.

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