The Kurta Generation

The last few years have shown a change of trend in men’s clothing. There is a definition to the way men dress and want to feel and express themselves. There is a growing trend to experiment and then a growing one’s own trend to define the personality type.

Some call it a cult wear. It is like the sari, if women can own up a sari men can own a kurta. Then, the sitting on the fence trend of unisex kurta’s. From the creative cult to the Indi-rock, from the religious to the global desi, it is internationally Indian attire and the street wear section of kurta wearers transcends all religion and age groups.

Pair it with trousers, jeans, chudidars, dhoti and you have a man ready to step from wilderness. Kurtas now come in almost all colours, lengths, finishes, fluorescents, styles, patters, with and without pockets.

Kurta spells tradition and the contemporary avatar of the outfit has various forms.

Long and short of the kurta: There are the famously stylish short Kurtas, knee or waist length kurtas with sleeves and cuffs. With or without motifs, thread work, embroidery, fancy buttons, pair it with jeans and pants with seriously urbane in their appeal. It is a modern take on the ethnic life of the kurta. The design nuances remain the same. But variations come in with introductions of collars, jackets. These are all meant to be a personality quotient enhancer. The long kurtas can range from the minimalist to the heavily embroidered sherwani type to the very vintage sanskari white. An ideal kurta falls just an inch and a half below the knee and should always cover the knee.

The next gen- Rock, desi punk, hip hop lover, urbane IT person, is complete comfort and street. It is a newly developed trend of yuppies who believe in standing out in the crowd..There is a very subtle revolution but there is no hard and fast rule for any kurta wearer anymore. Make it serious, cool, the kurta for men never loses its appeal.

Anyone anywhere can wear a kurta anytime and what kind of the kurta you wear is the only way it can be defined as different and everyone has their own rules and reason for wearing one.

Whatever the category you fall into, always wear one in a fabric that is comfortable and is well fitted at the seams. Kurta for men should include at least one classic cotton and silk each. One should have a crisp white for occasions that demand it. Kurta is understated elegance and hence to dressed play with accessories and colours that suit you. The fall of the kurta is what gives it the edge to the outfit. It should always be a size bigger and never close fitting. Check the color, sleeve and pocket is the kurta comes with one. Wear the kurta with folded sleeve or with full-sleeve. An ideal kurta sleeve should be slightly under or just touch the wrist.

The completeness of a kurta depends on how you carry it and it is an outfit which defines the lifestyle of the wearer. Menswear has grown and is moving away towards effervescent elegance. A kurta is an inspiration and will continue to remain so till time immemorial.


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    I don’t know how should I give you thanks! I am totally stunned by your article. You saved my time. Thanks a million for sharing this article.


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