Starting a small business? Here’re some gadgets you must have!

Small business owners are usually overwhelmed when purchasing new technology or investing in a comprehensive tech infrastructure. Unlike larger organisations, many of the purchase decisions taken by small businesses are without any help from IT staff or a large budget. So if you’re starting a business, learn about equipment without which the very survival might be at stake in today’s era of advanced technology!

From a simple smartphone to highly sophisticated wearable and software, you should select the best cloud provider, NAS solutions and much more. The details below highlight different devices beneficial for almost every other small business so choose which fits best to your services.

  1. Smartphone

Every other day, we see a new and advanced breed of smartphone ruling the market only to become obsolete after only a few days, such is the pace of this technology. When it comes to choosing a phone, personal preference mostly dominates but if you really want the gadget for pure business use, software and internal functions matters most.

Just go back a few years and purchasing a smartphone means diving in the pool of ecosystem of applications and user-interface be it Android, iOS, Windows or any other operating system. But today, if you’ve plans to retrofit your home or office with interlinked gadgets and even a smart car let’s say, a phone that’s compatible with Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smart technology.

To name a few smartphones, you may opt for iPhone 6S by Apple, the new Nexus 6P by Google, Windows 10 phone and the Galaxy S7. With so many choices out there, choose whatever suits you best but don’t let aesthetics come over the real functions.

  1. Laptop

Must be a balance between portability and performance, a laptop has become a mainstay for many different businesses. If your services rely greatly on crisp graphics and unsurpassed video quality, pick a mobile workstation that’s able to deliver both quality and power at its best. The more advanced laptops, power consumption may be more but it all depends on usability. ThinkPads by Lenovo, laptops from Dell, HP, Toshiba are some of the best brands to choose from.

When starting a business in Dubai on a small scale, a thin and light Ultrabook is the best whereas Notebooks equipped with sixth generation CPUs such as the HP EliteBook 705 and Dell XPS 13 are incredible. They pack incredible power and battery life for everyday computer need such as web browsing, photo view, stream videos, email checks and so on.

If your work depends on a lot on cloud tech, consider Chromebook as an option, however, MacBook Air and Pro are also excellent.

  1. Tablets

No, we aren’t talking about the usual medical pills but tablet computers that have become a rage nowadays. A tablet powered by Windows operating system offers more flexibility in both cost and performance whereas high-end slates like the Surface Pro 4 and Venue 11 Pro by Dell works just like a laptop; maybe even better. With these devices, your usual business tasks can be performed in a simple and effective way while you can easily tuck the gadget in a travel bag as well.

iPads by Apple are a nice solution available in many different sizes so you can choose whatever suits you best. Many businesses have already swapped the traditional cash register with these slates so if you’re already familiar with the operating system, you can easily ace the small business industry. Many tablets come with a pen and a digitiser that’s excellent to note down ideas and draw something interactive.


Almost every business, irrespective of its size depends greatly on technology so listed above are a few highlights on the latest trends you can adapt before they run out!

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