Sanam Re Review: A Clichéd and Boring Love Story

As a movie ‘Sanam Re’ should have died on the scripting stage itself. Why we say that?? Because Sanam Re as a movie presents itself as something that we have all seen before in Bollywood and frankly have grew tired of. The movie starts with flashback of Akash’s (Pulkit Samrat) childhood which is quite flashy to be honest, but drags on to become a movie that won’t give anything that you have seen before.

Sanam Re Review


The lead characters Akash and Shruti are played by Pulkit Samrat and Yami Gautam. Performances of both the leads are boring and do not inspire much enthusiasm. In fact, the children playing the roles of young Akash ans Shruti does better than their adult counterparts. Story of the movie will remind you of those clichéd love stories that we all grew up seeing in the 90s and it goes something like this. Akash finds his soul mate Shruti at an early age just as it was predicted by his grandfather which is played by none other than Rishi Kapoor. But Akash at a point leaves his hometown for further studies without informing her. Later on Akash finds himself in the midst of life’s daily problems. He has to save his job against a poky boss and also has to woo Mrs. Pablo (Urvashi Rautela) at a Yoga center in Canada where he accidentally meets Shruti again. And then starts the horrendously boring love triangle that is not just clichéd, but really without much substance. But the most horrendous part about this movie is probably the intermingling of Rishi Kapoor’s final deal of his photo studio Johnson and Johnson and how 500 steps actually made him find his love.

Sanam Re Review

While none of the actors in this film did justice to their roles, the worst performance was given by Manoj Joshi who played the role of Akash’s boss and throws out very badly spoken dialogues which will make you cringe rather than laugh.

Sanam Re Review

The positive side to Sanam Re would probably be the picturesque locations it has been shot in, but then one can hardly give credit to the film crew for those. Well, let’s at least give them some applause for finding those places. Portrayal of grandfather and grandson relationship through detailed cinematography is also quite commendable. Songs are also good and worthy of being downloaded for posterity. But then, even for a Bollywood film number songs in this film are way too many.

Sanam Re is second production of director Divya Khosla Kumar after her equally worse Yarriyan. If you thought Yarriyan was bad wait till you watch Sanam Re. The movie is not worth spending your time and money on. Don’t watch it even if you have nothing else to do.

Movie: Sanam Re
Director: Divya Kumar Khosla
Cast: Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam, Urvashi Rautela, Rishi Kapoor
KawKaw Rating: 1/5


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