Law Student Saima Ahmad Demands Lifetime Supply of KitKats

Saima Ahmad, a 20-year-old law student from London is upset, when she purchased 8 packs of waferless KitKats.
Now she is demanding that Nestle should compensate her with a lifetime supply of KitKats or face her taking legal action.

Saima Ahmad demands lifetime supply of KitKats
She said that “manufacturers owe a duty of care to consumers” and laid out the case for why she should be compensated for receiving only solid chocolate bars of chocolate without wafers, according to reports.
She wrote a strong letter to Nestle with her demands and hopes to get sweet response. Saima Ahmad is a second year law student at King’s College, London and believes such big manufacture errors are not acceptable. There were many similar complaints but Saima had taken this issue seriously. Nestle should compensate for monetary and emotional loss, she said.

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