Rocky Handsome Review: An Utter Disappointment

We yes.. We get it.. John Abraham likes to wear body hugging shirts to show off his curves. But why overdo it? And this is not the only question you would ask yourself after watching this movie. You may end up asking something more serious as ‘why make such a movie at all in the first place?’ and may be ‘why the hell did I even come here to watch it? Well, we’ll leave you alone to find answers to those pressing questions.

rocky handsome movie review

Now let’s get back to the movie itself. Here believe it or not, John Abraham is actually a dangerous assassin with the codename Rocky. His real name, however, is Kabir Ahlawat. Here he mercilessly hacks people to death and like a quintessential Bollywood hero walks away from blasts in slow motion. But then John Abraham was never really known for his acting talent. I mean isn’t he one of those ‘actors’ in India who has the impeccable record of delivering any dialogue without even moving a muscle on his face? Here too he does something just like that.

Rocky Handsome movie review

In the film, Kabir Ahlawat is haunted by the murder of his beautiful and pregnant wife (character played by Shruti Hassan), who thankfully is not seen on screen much sparing the audience her share of torture a little. He runs a pawn shop in Goa and has Anna (Played by Nathalia Kaur) and her daughter Nayomi (played by Diya Chalwad) as his neighbors. Their lives are ruined by drugs and the business of drugs is run by two brothers Kevin (Nishikant Kamat) and Luke Ferriera (Teddy Maurya).

Rocky Handsome movie review

Let’s leave John Abraham aside for a moment. You will be really hard pressed to find any acting performance in this movie. No one and we say it with authority, has delivered on acting. If you are a movie buff then you would know that it is a remake of the 2010 South Korean film The Man from Nowhere, which was widely hailed by critics and audience alike. But Rocky Handsome fails to live up to its parent film and turns out to be an utter disappointment to say the least.

Movie: Rocky Handsome

Star Cast: John Abraham, Shruti Hassan, Nathalia Kaur, Diya Chalwad, Nishikant Kamat and Teddy Maurya.

KawKaw Rating: 1/5


One thought on “Rocky Handsome Review: An Utter Disappointment

  • January 26, 2019 at 9:39 pm

    When ever bollywood make some fantastic movie some people seems it os boring and you my friend one of them..Your tast of movies is shit man specialy for this one…. I think you are the fan of masala movies which are full of over acting, stupid,vulgar and mostly copy scene to scene.,, this is a epic movie with some new idea and original shots.

    Have you watched ineternet! people are talking about the action scenes of the movie. They are totally awesome….

    John Abraham’s dead experssions are just superb.


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