Planning Holidays- Travel Nawalgarh for Its Simplicity and Ethnicity

Different people have different preferences when it comes to spending the holidays somewhere. Some like the romantic weather of hill stations, while some look like to explore the culture and the people of the city.

The ones who are into the traditional culture and richness of the simplicity in a society, love to spend their holidays roaming around the simple town and the Havelis of Nawalgarh, Rajasthan. This small town of Jhunjhunu district of this state is the biggest storehouse of frescoes inside the huge Havelis that were built by the Rajputs of the eighteenth and nineteenth century.

Even though the locals only prefer simple living, tourism has established some high-end Rajasthan hotels in this small town. It is the simplicity of the locals that has secured the ancient artwork of this region.

People and lifestyle

Nawalgarh holds the richness of simplicity and that is only because of the down to earth lifestyle of the locals. The morning of the locals starts with delicious Puri Sabzi and other Rajasthani breakfasts and hit the old dusty road to reach their workplace. The houses and other structures of the town look like an old portrait of a Rajasthani city. The dramatic landscapes of desert play different folk songs in your mind. One or two green leaves survive the summers to offer their company to the barren branches of the trees.

people of rajasthan

Even with the simplicity and the deserted areas, these people know how to add fun to the lives like any other human civilization. People gather around the bazaar to have chat with their friends and buy daily household stuff. You can see men walking with their donkey carts loaded with a variety of stuff, vendors trying the lure the customers, guides, buses, children playing with almost anything.

The best time to explore the culture of this society is during the festive seasons. Rajasthanis add vibrant colors to their festivals with mehndi, folk singing, dances and unique food. Festivals like Teej, Gangor are the most mesmerizing to watch. The way women dress and decorate their hands with mehndi designs would become the most memorable experience of your life.

Havelis of Nawalgarh

Havelis of this town are the biggest treasure these people have and they like to share it with the cultures outside Rajasthan. The fresco designs and the exquisite paintings that you find on the walls of these Havelis takes you on a cultural journey of Rajasthan. From the portraits of Rajput Kings, and royal knights, to the scenes from Krishna Lilas. One can find the true meaning of Rajasthani culture. There are many Havelis that showcase some of the greatest artwork of all time. And all of them represent a story or a scene from the history or the religion.

haveli nawalgarh

These Havelis wrap the city with almost all the possible colors one could imagine. It is like the artist back then wanted to cover the barren desert with their vibrant colors so they added all the available colors of the pallet on the patterns of the Havelis of this town.

When you plan your holiday next time, remember that Nawalgarh waits for you with amazing culture and the best hotels in Rajasthan.


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