Parties and Activities You Need to Know About in Bangalore

The city of Bengaluru is one of the coziest cities of India, as people say! There are many events that are taking place every now and then in the city. If you think that it is only a city of IT hubs and giant Software buildings, you are definitely wrong. Apart from its IT section, Bangalore is full of social activities, gatherings, events, all around the year.

If you did not know about all these, don’t worry. Here we are going to make a list of various social activities that are going to take place very soon. Also, if you are looking for new year parties read on! This might come effective you know!


  • On Saturday, 8th October, try not to miss Rangoli, the Metro Art Centre as Kalaviskhar is going to present students and designers from the Vogue Institute with their own artistic creations. You would get to experience the beautiful jewelry, art décor, nail art. Home décor and many more artistic things. The event starts from 10 in the morning.
  • The poetry lovers and enthusiasts are going to organize a poetry reading session at the Cubbon Park, on Saturday, 15th October from 3:45 pm onwards. If you want to enjoy the poems and the discussions related to art and literature, this occasion is just for you. One of the most charming events, that’s for sure!
  • On Friday, 11th November, Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy is going to host a show of most interesting movies that might win your heart! The event starts from 6:30 in the evening. The entry is free and for all.
  • Check out Vivant By Taj for the New Year’s Party. This luxurious hotel is famous for hosting posh parties specially at Christmas and New Year’s. Last year the theme for the New Year’s party was Las Vegas. Who knows what is going to be the theme this year! But whatever it is, it is going to blow your feet away, that’s for sure!
  • Hyatt Bangalore is another most luxurious hotel you should keep in mind if you’re checking for New Year parties in Bangalore. With unlimited food and excellent sense of hospitality, Hyatt is an all-time show catcher with all their luxury, comfort and lavishness. Don’t forget to check the place out for the New Year’s Party this year!
  • Located at Indiranagar, famous in Bangalore for the local pubs and bars, Loft 38 is one of the most famous pubs of the city you should pay a visit for your New Year’s itineraries. Last year it was DJ Elektrovertz who had rocked the crowd in his own unique manner. In order to know this year’s special feature, keep this place in mind.

If you are looking for a gala experience on New Year’s Eve, check out all the posh and high-end hotels of Bangalore. And don’t be lagging behind. Because mostly the big budget events start selling their tickets early. With December coming just around the corner, the New Year’s Celebration is not very far away. So don’t wait up anymore, have a fabulous and safe New year ahead!


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