Noor Movie Review: Mumbai you’re Killing Me

Noor Cast: Sonakshi Sinha, Kanan Gill, Purab Kohli, Manish Chaudhary, Smita Tambe

Noor Direction: Sunhil Sippy

Sit down and watch. You will find traces of women you know and behaviours you may have encountered. Do not read any reviews before you watch this movie.. This movie is a must watch not because it a would be blockbuster or artsy fartsy or parallel or rectangular cinema. This is reel imitating reality. Period.

Here is a woman journalist. Noor. A take on the 2014 book, Karachi, You’re Killing Me! by Pakistani writer and journalist Saba Imtiaz it is a slice of existence of a woman journalist. Noor, does everything from cover funerals to film festivals, to ramp shows. Life is mundane. There is weight gain. There is a cute and fat cat. Life is not going anywhere. The best is that her boss from hell, who has no iota of human emotions sends her on a trip on every event in the city, be it her birthday and has logical reasoning behind his behavior.

Noor, 27-year-old independent, working woman in a big bad city. Zero romance, weight issues, her struggle with finances, are so relatable is it not? She tries to be normal through all this and in her head she thinks and the words just pour out of her mouth. So we hear and listen to the lead.So far so good, then the story turns and she bumps into this case of a do good doctor is no good in real life and has corruption with a capital C all over. This comes with witnesses and approvers and it means serious thinking work for the first time.

Now the socially conscious journalist takes over and gives her this one chance of redemption in life from mediocrity. Her boss tell her how being good human being is a skill every journalist has to tag around. She feels trapped feels the city and her life is empty, unfulfilling and killing her softly. Yet,, she goes on. This is crux. How is it different. All humans must have a motivation and focus to kick start a life. Life is Mundane + Exciting. More of each sometimes. So we all should live through the mundane to reach the latter part.  We all tend to hate ourselves and no amount of affirmations can pull us through. Sometimes we need a reason and a focus and that’s exactly what happened to Noor. She found her purpose and it was more investigation journalism than her broadcast journalism. Not yellow journalism and similar hues, but actually work. Watch Manish Choudhary plays the editor, an ex a war reporter now domesticated post matrimonial battles. Kannan Gill is effective and smooth. Purab is super cute and Sonakshi knows to play her part real wells. She is so relatable that you might call for a refund. Why would you want to watch your life on screen?

The story brings up uncomfortable questions. Why is this review and movie important. Because there is a Noor in all of us. We wait for things to happen, lament and finally we all get our dose of life. Watch it for the storyline and you could be looking into a mirror for all you know.

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