New TVS Sport 110 Price, Mileage, Engine, Features, Colour Options

The TVS Sport 110 is an affordable, reliable, and efficient commuter bike in India. The TVS Sport 110 has a sleek design that comes with powerful engine and features which have made it favorite for many budget conscious riders seeking for reliable daily commuting mate. Engine of the TVS Sport 110 this article will go into some details regarding its color options and price.

TVS Sport 110 Engine and Power

The TVS sport 110 employs a 109.7 cc single cylinder air cooled fuel injected engine which enables smooth delivery of power throughout the rpm range. This motor delivers maximum power of 8.18 hp at 7350rpm and peak torque of 8.7 nm at 4500rpm. It runs on a four-speed transmission system that makes the ride easy even when stuck in city traffic.

One thing that stands out about the TVS Sport is its excellent fuel economy. Its mileage claim stands at around sixty kilometer per liter making it ideal for daily commutation. Designed to offer both power and efficiency, this motor guarantees seamless travel experiences that are cost effective.

TVS Sport 110 Features

There are several elements on-board the TVS Sport 110 that improve convenience levels for users. Some notable features include:

– Dual analogue instrument console for quick glance information

– DRLs- Day Time Running LED TUBE LIGHT S/F LAMP

– Halogen headlights offered as standard provides good visibility while riding at night[5]

– Beautiful alloy wheels add to her premium look

– A rider’s seating position designed to lessen fatigue on long trips

Additionally, there is also Sync Braking System (SBT) which ensures both front and back brakes get applied simultaneously if rear brake alone gets pressed reducing stopping distance. In case of emergency stops, this mechanism enhances stability as well as braking performance.

TVS Sport 110 Color Options

TVS Sport 110 is available in different colors to cater for different needs and preferences of buyers. Among the current color options are:

– Black Red

– Volcano Red

– White Purple

– White Red

– Black Blue

– Mercury Grey

These bright and attractive shades create a unique look making the bike quite conspicuous on the road.

TVS Sport 110 Price

The TVS Sport 110 is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wide range of riders. Presently, the ex-showroom price starts at Rs 64,050 for TVS Sport 110. This makes it suitable choice for those who want a quality commuter bike that does not require them breaking their bank accounts.


The TVS sport 110 is an all-around commuter motorbike. With its powerful engine, excellent mileage, practical features and vibrant colors to choose from; the TVS Sport 110 gives you everything need for everyday commuting. Whether one is new or experienced in motorcycling, this two-wheeler can provide untroubled and pleasurable riding experiences as well. The TVS sport 110 is one of those reliable fuel economical commutation bikes that one could consider buying if they really want value for money.

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