New Bounce Infinity E1X With Swappable Battery Launched

Bounce Infinity E1X: Bounce infinity has launched the latest product, e1X electric scooter, priced at ₹55000 ex-showroom aimed at disrupting the Indian electric vehicle (EV) market. The EV is a game-changer in the Indian EV space as it can work with the leading battery swapping networks in the country.

The Bounce Infinity E1X from Bounce Infinity boasts of many user convenience features that are relevant to Indian buyers. The scooter comes with two speed modes where it allows for a top limit of 55 kmph and 65 kmph, which permits users to select their suitable choices . In addition, E1X goes through minimal modifications to fit into various battery-swapping networks for perfect compatibility .

The most outstanding feature of Bounce Infinity E1X is its ability to enable battery swapping. Users would be able to change weak batteries with fully charged ones from any network station thus saving on time used in charging. This innovation solves one of the main criticisms about EVs that makes them more convenient and accessible to more people.

According to Vivekananda Hallekare, CEO and Co-Founder of Bounce Infinity: “India is home to world’s second largest two-wheeler market yet we have not scratched the surface when it comes to unleashing full potential for EVs. Separation of costs of batteries from vehicles opens up an opportunity for scaling up innovation towards affordable mobility solutions.

Additionally, other than Bounce Infinity E1X, bounce infinity is also working on a high-speed variant that can go up to 92km/hr. It aims at meeting minimum speed requirements for particular export markets thereby increasing the model’s global appeal.

This follows after recently putting down its price by Rs 23k now retailing at Rs 89999. E1+ has detachable batteries which can be charged through any 15 Amp wall socket for a fast charging and long distance travelling option.

Bounce Infinity is planning to deploy these electric vehicles in key markets across India with Sun Mobility, commencing with Bangalore and Hyderabad and later moving on to Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR. Meanwhile the company is in final stages of negotiations with large food delivery firms as well as quick commerce and last mile delivery partners that will help it extend its operations.

Launching Bounce infinity E1X is a significant milestone towards EV adoption in India. By producing an affordable scooter that comes with many features and focuses on battery swapping, Bounce Infinity hopes to make it easier for consumers to take up electric mobility.

Considering the ever-growing EV market, Bounce Infinity’s E1X stands out as proof of its innovative approaches and commitment towards driving sustainable transportation in future India.

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