‘Men Buy, Women Shop’: The Sexes Have Different Priorities

If you doubt our title, then you must think twice. Shopping is defined as an activity where people interested in buying anything visit places where those things are sold. But this definition needs tweaking due to the inherent differences in habits of Men and Women.


With e-commerce becoming popular with masses, online clothes shopping sites and apps like Tata Cliq app have left no stone unturned to change the above definition. But does it really matter how do you shop (in the context of women) or buy (in the case of men)? To answer this question, we present a comparative brief discussion over the outlook of men and women when they go out for “shopping.”



What is shopping like?

According to women, shopping is a tour to the place where they can choose and spend hours to buy one thing. Still, when they see a better option at the next store, they will keep on murmuring about how they should have been patient about making a choice. And mind it; they will again end up in the same vicious circle the next time. Same is the case if they are checking out dresses on online clothes shopping sites, hours and hours can be spent without even a hint of remorse.


Apart from this, credit must be given to women of how they enjoy shopping and love to try new outfits. A probable motivation might be due to the “selfie+instagram+facebook” trend and one cannot compare to the number of likes they get in an hour.


What is to be bought?

Oh, that is not decided and may change according to the store and their sales staff. Most of the women succumb to buy something if the store sales staff is prompt and responsive to their calls and choices. On the contrary, the lack of these qualities in a store might lead to a plethora of missed opportunities.


Women do not go to buy one item; they go to buy many items for themselves, husband and children. They will check out accessories, shoes, chains and what not. They will be slow and steady. They are never done, though they say that they are.



We don’t want to portray men as careless creatures. But the fact is that they are when it comes to buying clothes and accessories. Let’s see.


What is shopping like?

It is a Counter Strike mission. They just got to diffuse the bomb and run. It is merely a matter of concern for them whether the suiting store has an aisle for boots. They will rush to the store, choose, pick, pack and leave. While a substantial growth has been found amongst men while shopping online, but hold your nerves, that’s only when it comes to gadgets and that too younger guys.


What is to be bought?

The answer differs according to the age of the man. A medium aged man will have a clear goal while an elderly man would just leave the choice to his wife or children. The reason for this ignorance might be as follows:

  • No one cares about their choices
  • They want the family to choose for them because they trust them
  • They do not want to buy something and get criticized when they return.


We hope you learned your lesson from these differences and had found out some similarities also. For experienced folks, this isn’t new, but for young readers, it might serve as an eyebrow-raiser, and they might try to disagree at some places.


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