Mastizaade Review: No Masti in Mastizaade

While promotions for Mastizaade were in full swing, leading lady Sunny Leone was caught in a whirlwind of controversy which makes this otherwise missable film an interesting subject to view. A basic screwball comedy on the lines of the American Pie and other typical American adult sex comedies, Mastizaade attempts to infuse some fun in the New Year.

Mastizaade Movie Review

Starring Sunny Leone in a double role (clearly adult comedies can’t get enough of her), Tusshar Kapoor (who seems to be becoming an expert in these kinds of films) and the otherwise dependable Vir Das, Mastizaade needs a brave audience to watch.

There is very little in terms of a plot with the film more like an extended set of adult jokes and toilet humour. Filled with innuendos, double meaning dialogue and plenty of Sunny, the film basically looks to entertain through titillation. In true Bollywood B Grade style, Vir and Tusshar are film makers who can undress any woman they see just by looking at them. All this changes though when they meet Sunny Leone, who plays twins in the film.

Released with a whopping 381 cuts at the hands of the censors, Mastizaade is the sort of film one feels should not have been allowed to release at all. Directed by Zaveri, the film finds a sexual connotation to almost each and everything possible and goes a long way to prove that when you think Bollywood is at its worst, it can do even more badly. Suresh Menon appears here too in a stereotypical gay role that should likely have the LGBT community up in arms and Sunny Leone has little to do in a role that just expects her to look pretty.

Mastizaade Movie Review

While the earlier weekend release Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 decided to sexualize Hindi films of yesteryears, Mastizaade uses the commercials approach to the same. So you have ads where all kinds of things are done and more often than not you are left cringing in your seat. While sex comedies in the US are at least funny in parts, Mastizaade just goes for all out toilet humour and fails even at that. The direction is poor and the acting is below par. All the women have to do in the film is to appear as objects of lust and attention while the men are content with just ogling and getting in bed with them.

If you can accept the premise that Sunny’s character can find Tusshar Kapoor an object of lust in the film, then maybe you could be brave enough to watch it as well. Funny in parts and laughable at most others, Mastizaade is for you if you are the one who’s responsible for circulating all those dirty messages on Whatsapp groups. It’s also for the growing legion of Sunny Leone fans, and to be fair she does look stunning in a role that demands little else. We recommend that you skip the film, because if you want to look at a stunning Sunny, you can do it at home just as well.

Film: Mastizaade
Director: Zaveri
Cast: Sunny Leone, Tusshar Kapoor and Vir Das
Stars: 1 out of 5

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