Madirakshi Mundle: 14 Things Everyone should know about ‘Sita’ of ‘Siya ke Ram.’

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Madirakshi Mundle is an Indian actress and popular as Sita in a Hindu mythological serial ‘Siya ke Ram’.

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The actress hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Her parents are very proud of her and role as Sita at very young age. She made her acting debut with 2015 Telugu Fantasy-Comedy film ‘Ori Devudoy’. Madirakshi Mundle is playing the role of Sita with Popular actor Ashish Sharma as Ram in Siya Ke Ram on Starplus.

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Madirakshi Mundle interesting facts:

  1. She said, “I’m blessed to be playing the role of Sita. It is my first Hindi show, and I’ve got an extremely special and significant role for my debut in the Hindi TV industry. It has been worth the wait”.
  2. Madirakshi wears ancestral jewellery ‘nathni’ which belong to her grandmother. She wishes to wear the same jewellery in her wedding whenever it happens.
  3. Madirakshi got her leg hurt with minor bruises while shooting for her introductory scene with horses in Siya ke Ram.
  4. Madirakshi Mundle said, “Especially the lehngas that I am wearing as Ayodhya’s newly wedded bride weighs approximately 25-30 kgs and the entire look put together with the hair and dupattas is equivalent to my weight”.
  5. The makers of ‘Siya Ke Ram‘ have ordered 100 kg of marigolds to give an authentic look to wedding sequence of Sita (Madirakshi Mundle) and Ram (Ashish Sharma).
  6. Madirakshi Mundle almost spent an entire day to get the perfect look for Swayamvar. She tried almost 20 lehenga’s to get the final look.
  7. In real life, the actress Madirakshi Mundle (Sita) and Kartik Jayaram (Ravan) are close friends.
  8. Madirakshi fears from insects.
  9. On any disaster dates till now, she said: “That’s for me to know and people to wonder about.”
  10. She loves to listen to songs, watch movies, doing whatever makes her happy.
  11. She loves all kinds of food.
  12. She favorite outfit is tracks pants, colorful dress and tee shirts while travelling to shoot and nice evening long dress preferably black white and red for evening wear.
  13. She feels Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit are best-dressed people in Bollywood.
  14. She likes to wear branded Armani and Rolex watches.
  15. Her favourite sunglasses are Armani, Ray Ban and Tommy Hilfiger.

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