Maatr Movie Review: Raveena Tandon’s Best Performance

Cast: Raveena Tandon, Anurag Arora
Director: Ashtar Sayed
Never ask ““Aurat hai… kya kar legi?”. The docile woman will then not let go. She will snap. A rape story and wronged woman has hit our screens and lately our everyday lives in various ways. Rape is not the nemesis of any particular strate of society.

maatr  movie review

Vidya Chauhan (Raveena Tandon) lives her life. The school teacher has no spousal support and has a strained relation. She adores her daughter and has no qualms with the world otherwise. She lives by her ethics and her ideals. Her spousal support is non existent. Her personal life is all struggles. Then she and her daughter are gangraped and discarded on the road and her daughter gives up her mortal fight. And the CM’s drug infused son Apurva Malik played by Madhur Mittal and his friends are involved. The movie is a huge flashback to Nirbhaya we all endured. We have lived that time and we will relive through the movie.

maatr  movie review

The investigative officer Shroff played by Anurag Arora buckles under the political pressure. He does not want to investigate the case. He does not even fathom the anger bubbling inside the woman. She is all revenge and will strategise the same. Her husband wants to divorce even when he is mourning the loss of his daughter. She does have help from unexpected quarters and friends but family is always family. She has no time to heal her body, she wants to avenge her hurt soul and her brand of violence vigilantism is very crude and can cause the most hard hearted to cringe. With sincere performance from the cast, this is a story worth visiting and there will be whistling of support and moans of disapproval. Nothing changes the truth. Its time to wake up to the reality of life and we all agree that we should not allow more violence as a solution to a crime committed. Wake up law enforcers.


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