Logan Movie Review

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Boyd Holbrook, Stephen Merchant, Dafne Keen
Director: James Mangold
The X-Men series is the seventh-highest-grossing film franchise till date.Hugh Jackman’s send off can’t be move grander than this. His last role as Wolverine in the X-Men series closes doors on a brilliant track of performances and cult following of Adamantine proportions. As he calls time on his time in the X-men universe, watch this movie to know how to wean off gracefully and with head held high. Each movie different and remember worthy. 10 films, acted in 9 as Wolverine.


This exceptionally talented Australian actor presents Wolverine a tired mutant superhero Logan facing ebbing powers, tough life and constant pain for which he has hit the bottle. He has all but disappeared, has aged, tired, is close to end of his life.  He is a victim, is one of the targets hiding in desert hideouts. The movie is set in the future 2029 to be precise.

The world may today be hunting them, but he still is the Wolverine, glimpses of which can be seen cleverly woven into the plot. A tired Logan is playing the saviour albeit differently, working as a driver to be able to afford medicines to keep Caliban (Stephen Merchant), an Albino who can trace people and ailing old mind controller Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) alive. The professor suffers from chronic psychic fits in a hide out on the Mexican border along with the albino mutant and can never leave their cover. Logan attempt at normal life seems counted, no new mutants have appeared in years and superhero days were over and the world wants to hunt them down.


Then walks in a woman who asks Logan to look after a young girl named Laura (Dafne Keen) and take the child to a safe place near Canada. This young and similarly hunted mutant arrives on the scene running from the dark mutant-hunting mercenary squad.  Logan gradually realises that the girl is actually his daughter, created in a horrific lab experiment using his own DNA. She was born and raised in a lab run by the same company that created the X-men and now her creators are chasing her. Laura a new mutant enters this world complete with similar powers just like Wolverine, claws embedded in her knuckles and feet.

Logan, Charles and Laura are travelling away from trouble and the movie follows this journey and their interactions. It shows Laura trying to be a normal child through her chances of evading capture. Watch her experience her supermarket, movies, music, first earphones, and a glimmer of normalcy, home and family. Watch the next generation evolve.

This movie is easily the best of the lot and very mature with positives of family and motivational talks weaving in and out including conversations about life and it meaning.  Charles reminding Logan, that he could still be a superhero if he wants it is a superb twist filled with motivation to never give up.

logan movie review1

This movie is rightly about relationships, companionship, feelings of happiness, love, anger, sadness, facing facts and is stir fried in action. There is sincerity of acting and polished direction and each person lives the character assigned. Never a step out of place and never a step out of sync the hunter and the hunted have managed some superb acting skills. Watch it because not always do you see a bonding handled so brilliantly on screen and never will you want to regret not watching Wolverine say goodbye. It has lots of action, the usual gore and the strong language. Its X-men and we would not want it any other way.

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