Lakshya Sen: A Rising Star’s Journey to Becoming World No. 1

At the young age of fifteen, Lakshya Sen was able to reach the summit and become the number one junior badminton player in the world. Born in Almora, Uttarakhand, Sen’s journey to the top has been nothing but extraordinary.

Sen took up badminton at eight after his father, Dhirendra Sen, was a badminton coach. Under his father’s guidance and Prakash Padukone’s mentorship, Sen scaled heights within a short period of time, with several junior titles both in India as well as overseas.

In 2016, Lakshya Sen became the youngest player from Uttarakhand to win a senior-level title at the Tata Open India International Challenge, which was historical. This win proved his talent and commitment considering that he defeated experienced players to take home this coveted trophy.

Lakshya Sen’s ascension to this position in 2018 as a junior is considered a major milestone in his career. He became the first Indian junior player who did it surpassing all others who came before him. This accomplishment showed not only his amazing abilities but also hinted that Indian Badminton has in it good players for worldwide contests.

In his travel, Lakshya Sen has met some problems like getting hurt and competing against strong opponents. But even with these difficulties, he can still keep on striving for greatness in sports because of an unwavering desire to succeed and passion for the game.

As junior turns senior, all eyes are on him to see if he can replicate what he achieved at the highest level of sport. With such abilities like talents coupled with hard work and supported by coaches and mentors, without any doubt lakshya sen will be an international dominant force on the badminton field someday soon.

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