Is Custom Furniture the Legitimate Choice for Your Home?

Furnishing your home can be a tedious and time-consuming task. Choosing the right furniture is as challenging as selecting the right backshell for your connector. As Telason provides you good variety in backshells, what about choosing furniture?

Are you planning to renovate and refurbish your home to give it a new look altogether? Or have you finally managed to buy a house of your own and intend to furnish it? Did you finally decide to have a fireplace after all and want to select furniture according to the space? If yes, then you would probably set out to shop or buy items online. But the chances of getting what you want ready-made according to your taste and space available are quite rare. This is why custom furniture is preferred more when it comes to furnishing your house.

Here are 7 reasons why custom furniture is considered as the legitimate choice for your home:

  1. Size Requirements

One reason why custom furniture is ideal is that it can be customized according to your space availability. Be it a rather cosy bedroom that cannot accommodate a regular king size bed or a lounge area in which you require a twelve-seater at a certain angle. Customized furniture can fulfil your requirements and add functionality to your house. The furniture will not take up too much space and fulfil the purpose intended.

  • Quality of material

The material selected in custom furniture will be purely your choice. Unlike ready-made furniture, you have the control over the type of material to be used in your chairs or sofas. If the quality of material used in ready-made furniture seems dubious, then custom furniture is the ideal choice for your house. Go for your favorite wood type, choice of filling and quality of fabric for coverings.

  • Variety of Designs
Kitchen and Dining Area

Another factor that makes custom furniture an ideal choice is the variety of designs available. Various designers and interior decorators can guide you with numerous designs in fabric, or shapes and carving motifs of furniture. Apart from that, various designers provide options online as well. You can choose the designs according to your aesthetic understanding and preferences. You can coordinate the designs according to the theme you have chosen for your room. This option is not available in ready-made furniture as they will only sell you pieces that are in trend or more popular and in-demand.

  • Color Options

If you have a unique wall color like emerald greenand want to match your furniture accordingly or have a rare color combination in mind such as magenta and beige for your furniture, will your market hunt be a success? The answer is most likely a ‘no’. That is why custom furniture can help you furnish your house as per your requirements. You can place an order for any color scheme you have in mind and designers will deliver accordingly. You do not have to limit your options and shatter your dreams according to the limited color palette available in the market at that season. Unconventional color combinations or challenging hues are not easily available in most furniture shops. So, customized furniture can save you a lot of time and avoid frustration as well.

  • Enhanced Functionality

One convenience that custom furniture adds to your life is addition of functionality around your house. If you are short of space, need multi-purpose furniture pieces and are looking for more storage options, then custom furniture is the choice to make. You can customize your own foldable beds, chairs or recliners. Also, you can order wall mounted foldable dining tables, iron boards or study tables; the options are plenty! Be it a sofa-cum-bed,multifunctional chairs or changeable dividers and storage shelves, custom furniture can certainly add functionality to your house and resolve storage issues.

  • Adding a Unique Touch

Custom furniture is widely popular among masses when it comes to furnishing your house because it adds originality and uniqueness to your house. Your own unique specifications regarding color combinations, shapes and designs can make your interior decor stand apart from others. Guests can be left awe-struck and mesmerized by the overall appeal of your house decor. This is because each piece of yours is quintessentially yours and not manufactured in markets for common people to buy. That is what makes your furniture so special and rare, and your house an envy for others.

  • A Sense of Pride and Satisfaction
Man Seating On Couch

What custom-made furniture guarantees and ready-made furniture does not is a strong sense of achievement and satisfaction. As each drop of paint, polish and the overall designing and the final product is a result of your creativity and style choices, your furniture reflects your taste and personality to the tee. That is what brings great satisfaction and a sense of pride as you take a glance at the overall decor of your house, or even a single room for that matter. Your furniture is now not just mere furniture, rather each piece is a work of art for you to prize and others to marvel. Customizing furniture allows you to unleash the artist within you and add a little part of yourself to each piece of your furniture.


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