Introduction of Cartoons as well as their Evolution

In this article you will know how animated movies got fame around the world and who had contributed in its evolution as we know that Animation could be done by making motions as well as shapes of different things and they could be recorded by numerous of methods such as audio and video.

evolution of cartoons
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There are several kinds of images that are 2D and 3D image, and they are treated differently, in older days they were moved on walls in Egyptians and Greek Era. Afterwards another attempt which was done by German inhabitant whose name was Athanasius Kircher in 1640. The system which was used by him was slow but it was effective as compare to previous attempts. This was consisted of slides which could be moved and images could be drawn on glasses which were controlled mechanically which helps them to move. Later on in 1824 an English resident whose name was Peter Mark Roget.

Who made his own assumption that is all moveable things could be broken in a sequence of fixed image and later on this assumption was named as Principle of persistence of vision. Afterwards in 1826 John Ayton who was residing in Paris had invented Thaumatrope, actually it was a disc with different.


Images on each side and it contains picture of bird as well as cage on each side. Anyways Paris was the first city who had distributed this invention in all over the world. In 1867 one of mathematician whose name was William George Homer who was born in 1786 and died on 1837 invented a device which was known as Zoetrope it was consisted of roll paper having drawing and this roll paper was placed in a turning drum. He named his fabulous invention Daedalus which is known as Wheel of the Devil but after that one of US inhabitant William F Lincoln named it Zoetrope which is known as wheel of life.


In 1878 Emile Reynaud made amendments in zoetrope device and includes mirrors which reflects pictures, the advantage of this reflection was that numerous of people could able to see animation at same time. Afterwards the most prominent name in the history of science is Thomas Alva Edison who was an American inventor.

He had done a lot of strive in order to invent a lot of things and Kinescope is one of them. And it was later on named as first cinema machine. It was consisted of a box which contain lamp and thorough which a reel of photos were passed away. In one second 46 images were passed together and the audience would able to see them.


Through a peep hole anyways nowadays people can able to see videos as well as movies on different things such as on television on laptops as well as on Internet, such as ChotaBheem cartoons online and numerous of such videos like that, this is effort of those people which are mentioned above and how they strived it is

Incredible we cannot forget these names because due to their efforts we become able to see such things.


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