INSPIRATIONAL! Anant Ambani’s Weight Loss

Mukesh Ambani’s youngest son Anant Ambani became one of the top trends on Twitter. Reason? No, this time not due to the twitter trolls and MEMES but a transformation by Anant Ambani.

Anant Ambani was suffering from hypothyroidism due to which he gained weight.

Anant has lost 108 kgs in just 18 months and he lost weight in the most natural and safest way possible isn’t cool? He followed a strict diet and exercised for five-six hours every day.

His daily routine included a 21-km walk, followed by yoga, weight training, functional training and high-intensity cardio exercises.  He also stuck to a zero-sugar, low-carb diet.

anant ambani weight loss 1

Indian Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni was inspired by Anant’s efforts and wished him applauding his efforts.

“Wish u a very happy birthday Anant.u gave the best gift to urself by losing over 100kg.discipline and determination” Dhoni tweeted.



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