How to Spend 5 Days Pocket Friendly on Your Vacation?

Going out on vacations has an assumed tag of ‘going all out with money’- but is it true? Or even if it is, you can always differ in your approach. By booking cheap fly air and taking a zig when other travelers zag is what would save you from spending all of your yearly savings. But what are the ways you can do that? Let’s have a look.

  1. Choose the off-season!

It might not seem a big game changer to many people but it actually is. Throughout the world, rates of the hotels, inns and eateries increases as well as the gyms, hot springs, barbers and even souvenir shops get more pricey since there is a lot more activity on the season and hence a better chance to upgrade the market. When you travel in the off-season, not only do the prices would be at a low but as a bonus, you wouldn’t have to deal with overwhelming crowds. 

If you’re planning on shorter than a week’s trip then you shall make sure it’s on weekdays. Booking a hotel for the weekend is pricier than a weekday stay. 

  1. Become a digital nomad

If you’re a freelance photographer, or you make travelogues- chances are that your trip is going to be very much budget-friendly. Since the place you’re going to, not only provides picturesque views for photography projects but it would also be helping you increase your rates which if not in urgency, would definitely make up for the money you spent on the trip once you receive the payment of your work. Meanwhile, if you take clips of yourself wandering in the city and later make a vlog out of it, it could give you more than you ever expected! People on YouTube or any other site, watch scenic clips/videos with more anticipation than they have for anything else. If you have an already set up YouTube channel with enough subscribers then a vacation is never not budget-friendly for you.  

  1. Explore your own region

A trip doesn’t necessarily mean going out of the Continent or the country. Exploring your own region might as well interest you more than newer places could- we assume to be acknowledged of everything about our own region and keep saying ‘there’s nothing new there’ but that is not entirely true. All this time we have been overlooking the local beauty and trance. Especially, if you’re wanting to spend a short trip, then going out and about in your region is a perfect idea. Not only do you know about the local rates and would spend money according to a plan but you can even rely on friends or family living there to take you in the house for a night or two. A shorter trip may not exhaust you more than it refreshes you- keeping that in the account, you need not overwhelm yourself with longer flights and road trips and that is another significant reason to stick on closer attractions all the while being affordable like no other since you’d not be spending on flights and fuel.

  1. Plan your food routine!

We often do not care about the money we would be needing to spend on food- say we generally have a rough idea of a total amount but never the specific details; and that is where it gets tight on the budget. A better way to keep a check on the pocket is that you shall pre-plan the food schedule. Going on a trip doesn’t mean you can’t cook. By doing a little research primarily about what options there are for buying raw ingredients, that would have you avoid a great hassle upon first making it to the destination. Similarly, if you have decided on which day you’re going to eat out or at home- you’d save accordingly.

  1. Book last minute

If you’re planning on going on a cruise; book it at the last minute. Cruise ships are the most expensive things to ride on. And most of the time, they don’t offer a single ticket, rather give it to two people so you have no chance but to pay for two even if you’re alone. But going out at the last minute can definitely save you. You can avail the last seats, or someone who booked it but couldn’t make it so you can have their seat at a cheaper price since no ship’s captain or the company wants to have their cabins empty. These are all the tricks which make your trip a lot more spontaneous and hence fun. 


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