A How-to Guide on Moving Into Singapore

Singapore has been regarded as a premier tourist destination because of its unique infrastructure and tourist-friendly environment. It has also developed as an option for foreigners to live in because of the opportunities career wise and the standard of living they offer. Before you start packing and start searching for HDBs for rent in Singapore there are a few things you have to consider before you plan a future in Singapore.


A little background research on the country is good just to have an idea of what kind of environment you will be experiencing. First of all the stories hat Singapore is hot and humid are not merely stories, the fact that it sits almost right on the equator means your get tropical weather the whole year round. Singapore also experiences rain showers at any point of the year. There are 4 main languages namely Malay, Tamil, standard Mandarin and English. The characteristic that sets Singapore apart is the culture, it is known as a melting pot of cultures and races which makes aspects such as food, music, art just to name a few, very diverse.


singapore travel guide

Depending on what your reason is in moving to Singapore there are different Visas that cover it. Of course, as a tourist your visa allows you to be in Singapore for 30 days. If you intend to study in Singapore you will be granted a student visa that will cover you until the completion of your studies, this comes with some standards you have to meet such as attendance. Now if you go there to work you there are different visas for that, they are classified based on your salary bracket and position. There are also separate visas for businessmen and entrepreneurs. If you intend to stay there long term, you can look into acquiring permanent residency or citizenship but these too have certain criteria you have to meet. You can find the criteria you need to meet on the Ministry of Manpower website.


Now that you have your paperwork all settled you should now consider your financing and expenses because Singapore is the farthest from being a cheap country to live in. The cost of living in Singapore is justified by the quality of life you experience. From food, clothes, lodging to activities, Singapore offers a wide variety of this but there are a few things that can be quite pricey. There are also a wide variety of banks you could look into that have different kinds of accounts based on your needs and is very convenient because of the availability of their ATM, offices and flawless online banking.

Living Space

singapore travel guide

You also have to look into where you are planning to live, whether you would like to live in a condominium, private housing or their HDBs. You also need to consider your lifestyle, if integrating yourself to the local culture and lifestyle you may want to look into staying in an HDB like most of the populous. Condominium offer you a more private and complete facility, it comes at a higher price but is definitely worth the money you spend. Spend some time to research about the different areas, how accessible it is and the different facilities nearby.


singapore travel guide

Singapore is also known for its great healthcare system and is ranked as one of the most efficient healthcare systems in the world. Local clinics are easily accessible, there’s bound to be more than one in each neighborhood. If you are a foreigner public and private clinics cost similar so many foreigners choose to go for private clinics to skip the queues. Make sure to find a comprehensive insurance policy whether private or provided by the company.

These are the more important factors you should consider when you are moving to Singapore, and always remember to take every chance you get to enjoy what the country offers.

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