Getting entertained when in Mumbai

Mumbai is regarded to be an exotic destination for tourists when in the country. This city also known as the financial capital of India is said to derive huge tourist traffic all through the year. Its beautiful climate, landscape, tall buildings, modern amenities and facilities, including the different types of entertainment that are present here help people of all ages to get thoroughly entertained.

Bollywood connection

This city also boasts of being home to the Bollywood stars and of the film industry. Bollywood fans from all parts of world come here to have a glimpse of their favorite stars and cherish the memory for a long time and share it with the others. One can catch up with different types of movies in Mumbai, be it Marathi, Hindi, English and the like and enjoy every moment of it.

Offering new opportunities

Besides this, the city also houses the Stock Exchange. There is a popular adage which states that this sleep never sleeps. The island city also called the ‘City of Dreams’ for those who want to make it big in their career and life, compelling people from all walks of life to come down to this place for various reasons like seeking better avenues, job prospects, businesses, to take up new professions and the like. The ultimate goal is to become something big.

Ultimate tourist destination

This city is undoubtedly is a flourishing tourist destination, well known for its beaches, heritage resources and entertainment industry. Some of the main attractions related to heritage sites are the Gateway of India, churches, Elephanta Caves, Victoria Terminus, temples and the like. Since the city is termed to be a rocking one, the entertainment buffs are sure to have immense thrill and fun throughout their stay here. The numerous entertainment options present here are the amusement parks, shopping zones, lakes, beaches, etc.

Mumbai virtually is said to have been created out of seven islands which is embraced on the western side by Arabian Sea. Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is considered to be a destination that offers extreme pleasure and fun to tourists of all ages, including the city dwellers. When in Mumbai, the person can enjoy nightlife by visiting one of the discotheques, pubs, etc.

The person can also hang out at any of the modern multiplex or theatre to watch a favorite movie or drama. The Marine drive undoubtedly is a romantic hangout that always can be found to be lively. Excursion tours can also be planned to the different heritage sites located here like the Ellora and Ajanta sites, Alibaug, Panchgani, Mahabaleswar, etc.

Festive season

The people of Mumbai celebrate the different festivals with great fanfare, pomp and grandeur. Visiting the city during festive time can help the tourist to see how the city spends and celebrates by holding grand occasions and fairs. Some of the main festivals celebrated here are Elephant Festival, Banganga, Ganesh Chaturthi, etc. The city is known to wear a festive look at this point of time and can be a wonderful sight.


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