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In this era of automation also one needs to hire manpower for a number of reasons. In mega-sized companies, lots of employees work, and hence it becomes tough for the HR department also to review their skills and offer appraisal according to the review. To make it more systematic, there are performance appraisal systems and tools that can help the concerned officers. The system is more logical and easy to adopt which are the prime drivers of its worldwide popularity in small to medium-sized organizations. The 360 performance appraisal is a process with which the performance of the employees of the organization is evaluated regarding the achievements if the employee considering the objectives of the company which are predetermined. This is both ways beneficial for the employees as well as the organization.

An employee tends to achieve feedback for his work and at the same time the organization also successfully becomes able to keep in track with the performance of the companies. This is quite an important matter for the organization to know the behavior, performance and overall attitude of an individual in the job profile.

To have a fair check on the employees of the company it is always recommended to make the use of fair methods like those of the compensation, promotion, termination, tests, etc. It is always observed that the short circle methods are used in most of the startup organization so that they can take frequent opportunities to encourage the employees to avail better performance from the employees. Here are the top ways of performance appraisal enlisted which can be used to analyze the performance of the employees:

  • Assessment center method:

The very purpose that this assessment process serves is that the candidate is tested in various social situations. This can also be an effective process to evaluate employees for startups. This can be the best way to deal with the managers who have to deal with their subordinates on a daily basis. This helps the company to have attracted at the capability of an individual to handle things in a social setting.

  • Behavior rating:

This is the latest form of the technique that is used. This has been one of the most effective tools that have been able to evaluate the ability of an individual as the worker of the company. This is developed recently and is the best tool that serves the purpose of assessment of the employees.

  • Critical Incident process:

To stimulate the employees so that they can react from within, this method is used. This method can be compared to that of the essay evaluation method where both the positive and the negative reaction of the employees are taken into consideration.

  • Essay evaluation:

This is the process where the manager is asked to submit a brief observation of the performance of the employees. This helps to have a check on the weakness as well as the strength of the team. This can be of great help when it comes to the enhancement of the company. The company will possibly be aware of the shortcoming and thus, can work more on it.

  • Human asset accounting method:

This is a commercial method of the evaluation of the ability of the employees by comparing the number of happy customers each employee can generate. This is quite a performance-oriented method to track the ability of individual practice. This is known as the human asset accounting method.

This is the process of assessment of the employee’s performance, and one can keep in track of the process by making the uses of the performance appraisal service providers like those of the 360 degree appraisal. After that the performance of the employees I enhanced by making the use of the performance management system. This is done in the following ways:

  • Management by objective:

This is quite an interactive form of solution where the management introduces employees with the methods which are quite less time-consuming. With this, the employee becomes quite aware of the goals of the companies that are to be achieved and the company helps to idolize the goals to as well as suggest easy ways to meet them.

  • Comparison method pair:

This method has a major role to play in the startups. Individuals are compared with each other regarding the performance, and this tends to create quite a productive environment for the systematic evaluation of the employees as well as the enhancement of the performance of the employees. This also includes giving applauds to the best performing individual of the team. This encourages other employees to give their best performance at work.

  • Trait oriented appraisals:

This is every technique that is put to use when there is a requirement of the positive ethics of work and culture in the company. This includes the attributes like those of helpfulness, discipline, punctuality, etc. These are some of the values which are required to be mandatorily present in the people. This enforces the propagation of culture in the environment of the organization.

  • Rating:

The managers rate the performance of the employees regarding their work as per the goals which are to be met by the company. This can enhance the practices of the company.

These methods have been quite successful in the management of the employees. In accessing the performance, the company can determine the effective ways to be implemented in the achievement of the goals. In addition to that, the problems and the weakness can be visibly noticed.

To have a bright career, this is a must for the companies to be used so that performance can be improved as well as the productivity of the company. Employees also stay motivated as well as focused on their work to give the best results. This can also be used as a process which can maximize the efficiency of the company as a whole by making rigid rules that can benefit the company in the long run.


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