A Flying Jatt Review: A Desi Superhero is Born

So when was the last time, we had a Made in India Superhero? There was Mr. India in 1987 and off course Krrish who broke all box office records, drove the kids crazy who in turn drove the parents crazy who in turn drove the economy of movie paraphernalia crazy.

Here is a new offering. This is a neat, clean and funny family film; endearingly innocent. “Everything has an alternative except Mother Earth” says the movie .Here is a film which talks about environment-the urgent burning need of the hour. It takes on the case of pollution and adverse side effects and shows respect to one of India’s well received communities – The Sikhs.

a flying jatt review

The film has comedy, an aura of innocence and is a kid magnet. The theme is easy and is a mix of western superhero genre dipped in Indian storytelling and deep fried with dances, songs and action.

This is the story of a pushy mother and her martial arts instructor son. He is a Sikh guy with short hair, afraid of heights and dogs. Well all geniuses and heroes are misunderstood are they not?  Aman (Tiger Shroff) is often made fun of at school where he teaches.

a flying jatt review

The twist comes when an industrialist (Kay Kay Menon) is shown running a factory that are ruining the air and water in the area. He wants to acquire more land and the means are not very negotiating in nature. He wants Aman’s peaceful, unpolluted land and that of the neighbors, including a small patch on which stands a by a huge old tree respected tree. True to Bollywood, the businessman hires goons played by played by WWA and WWE wrestler Nathan Jones who has acquired all his superhuman strength by feeding on toxins and polluted air.

a flying jatt review

As always the first target is the sacred tree. The goon picks up a fight with Aman. The tree is scared and has supernatural powers and to help the battle it passes them on to Aman through Khalsa symbol one stormy night, giving the hero boy his superhuman strength, his ability to fly, and ability to absorb knowledge and skills at an incredible speed. A superhero is born. He calls himself Flying Jatt and goes about his saving the world agenda with comedy and child-like honesty thrown in.

His mother (Amrita Singh), the new age filmi mom,  provides the smiles when she chides him for not landing properly like a super hero should, using his powers to clean the house, she plays foreign superhero DVDs, stitches him a super hero uniform and is the ever pushy loud mother who takes only Yes for an answer and is braver than her son.

a flying jatt review

The best thing about the movie is also the greatest plus point. There are no community based jokes. Yes, there is preaching on religion, nation and pollution. The importance of clean air, water and earth and driven like multiplication tables into the tiny minds and then there is also an ode to a community who has contributed immensely to the nation through its bravery and commitment. The movie here is different and explains the symbolism significance of the turban, the valor of the Sikhs and how the Sardars have been needlessly made fun of.

Fellow school teacher Kirti (Jacqueline Fernandez) is the love interest, dancing partner is sweet female lead.  This is a Tiger movie and has elaborate elegant dances, crisp action, songs and comedy. He is pleasant and very hardworking and it shows which is a very important factor that young minds can adapt to. He is a different new age hero and smiles from his heart.

Songs like Beat pe booty is dance number catching on slowly and Toota jo kabhi tara works is a new experience like a pretty fairytale. The flying over water and the ballet like classic movements make it an excellent choreography.

The writer-director Remo D’souza, makes this a breezy film with planets, rockets, message in effective packaging etc but with depth which treats the kids and their intelligence with respect. A Flying Jatt is impactful and is a through and through family entertainer in this genre and will be remembered for being sincere.

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