Effective Treatment for Chest Congestion

Chest congestion is much more common than you might think. In fact, it is reported that chest congestion happens to anyone once or more in their life. This problem results from the mucus concentration in our respiratory tracts and trachea. As a consequence, you will feel heavy in the chest area.

There are many reasons why you may suffer from chest congestion. It can be a consequence of common colds or some bacterial infections. This problem is also more common among people with pneumonia, asthma or other respiratory issues.

In addition to heavy feeling in the chest, you might experience some other symptoms, such as tiredness or even dizziness. Breathing problems may go along with this problem and cause a lot of pain.
Luckily, it is not really complicated to have effective cures for chest congestion. The fact is that you can do so at home. There are some natural ingredients that work wonder for this treatment. Here are some examples.

1. Salt Water
Perhaps the easiest and most common cure for chest congestion is salt water. All you need is to mix salt and warm water and then, use the mixture to rinse your mouth a few times per day. It is essential to remove mucus and have soothing effects on your throat.

2. Turmeric
One of the most effective cures for chest congestion is turmeric. You can always find this spice in the kitchen almost all around the world. It contains a special and wonderful compound, known as curcumin, which plays an essential role in the elimination of mucus. Besides, you can benefit from this spice’s anti-inflammatory quality to cope with pain or dizziness – common symptoms of chest congestion.
The recommendation is to drink milk mixed with powdered turmeric a few times per day. You should use half a teaspoon of the powder in a cup of warm milk.

3. Ginger
Another popular and familiar spice that serves as one of the best cures for chest congestion is ginger. It has many similar qualities to turmeric. In addition to anti-inflammation, ginger is also beneficial for boosting the immune system. Furthermore, it provides polyphenols which fight against infections very well.
There are various ways you can take advantage of this ingredient. By including it in daily cooking, you will have the best way to get its nutrients. Besides, you can also steep it and hot water and then, drink it along with honey.

4. Lemon
Lemon is the next effective cure for chest congestion that you can afford at reasonable price and it is popular everywhere. With a number of citric acid, lemon is effective to reduce the thickness of mucus inside your respiratory tract and make it easier to expel them. Another wonderful benefit of lemon is to enhance our immunity significantly, thanks to its richness of vitamin C. You can pour fresh lemon juice in hot water and then, drink it with raw honey several times on a daily basis.

5. Garlic
For ages, garlic has been appreciated for its versatility and various benefits, despite its nasty smell. Its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory nature will help you a lot in the efforts to tackle chest congestion. On the other hand, garlic provides a number of vitamins and minerals, such as iron, copper, or calcium. All of them are important to have a better health. If possible, you should eat raw garlic to get its nutrients immediately. Some people are not really comfortable with this way; therefore, they can use garlic regularly in cooking for easier consumption.

6. Honey
As it is a very popular addition in cooking, there is no doubt that honey has many applications and benefits. It contributes to the reduction of mucus thickness and quickly removes them. Additionally, the nature of honey is antiviral and antibacterial, which is a great addition to the fight against infections.
The quickest and best way to make use of it is to consume raw honey everyday. You can use it and warm water together. However, honey should not be used for babies who are not 1 year old to avoid botulism.

7. Onion
Onion is another name in the list of effective cures for chest congestion. It provides quercetin that is very good for dissolving mucus. As a result, the mucus concentration will be erased quickly. Onion is also antimicrobial, which reduces the risk of bacterial or viral infections. Like other cures, you can use raw onion to get the best results. However, if it is not the most suitable way for you, it is possible to cook or bake onion. The key is to use onion on a daily basis.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar has amazing effects on the reduction of chest congestion. It also enables you to breathe more easily, while most people with chest congestion have trouble with that. Plus, your immune system will benefit from this ingredient because of its anti-inflammatory quality as well. Nevertheless, you had better use it alone because the vinegar is quite strong. The suggestion is to mix it, about 2 teaspoons, in warm water and raw honey. If you use the mixture 2-3 times every day and maintain this habit in several weeks, chest congestion will no longer be a problem.


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