How To Dress Comfortably And Still Look Good For Winter

The main focus for me when shopping for new winter clothes is comfort. I’d much prefer a snug, warm jumper and a comfortable pair of casual boots over a glamorous play suit with a pair of heels when it’s cold out. Of course you still want to look stylish, so here are some ideas on how to dress to impress whilst feeling nice and cozy this winter.

So everyone knows that the winter has reared its too frosty head. All over the temperature’s goes all down. At the main time snowflakes are about to start falling. Your surroundings also start to look alike that ‘’Frozen’’ movie and all the kids are so crazy about it.

And then you spot them… The abominable snowmen.


Each year, they come back out, burying themselves deep in their bulky coats, their frumpy scarves and their gigantic-ski-gloves. They about to will do anything to keep themselve warm and hot, style to be damned.

In beyond spite of what you may have heard to believed, fashion does not always have the rights to equate the pain. Who says you can’t be a creature to comfort look hot? For 2016, we’ve resolved to prioritize the comfort and happiness without compromising any style. So, we rounded up a mix of essentials that address both, as like leather joggers that don’t feel as describing or constricting as leggings, or a silk piece feels-good cami to wearing under an itchy and glossy sweater.

A knitted scarf or a roll neck jumper is an absolute must for winter. It can be tough getting up on a cold and nice winter morning when all you want to do is to stay in bed, all nice and snug under a warm duvet but wearing a roll neck jumper or a knitted scarf gives you the same snug feeling.

A fur hat will keep your head and ears warm whilst being a stylish accessory for winter. They look great with just about anything and I love to style them with a baggy jumper, rolled up jeans and a pair of Chelsea boots. You don’t need to worry about having messy hair with a fur hat either. I recommend loosely curling your hair so when your hat is removed at the end of the day, your hair still looks stylish.

I’ve seen a range of stylish clothing at tReds that are perfect for the winter season. tReds are a fashion-forward retailer who stock a range of brands including Ugg, Timberland, Dr Martens, Caterpillar and many more.

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