Do You Own A Pet? Here’s Why You Must Use an Air Purifier At Home

Everyone loves to have pets; however, if someone in your house develops an allergy from the dander or saliva of pets, then you might need to invest in an air purifier to make sure no one gets sick. 

Dander is probably the most common cause of pet-induced allergies. Based on the model and the technology it uses, an efficient air purifier can certainly help to remove pet dander and other allergens that are present anywhere and everywhere. If you own a cat, dog or even a bird, pet dander particles may be floatingnear your pet Canary’s bird cage or on your Persian cat’s litter pan, your  clothes, mats, sofas, etc.

HEPA Air Filters

Dander and other tiny particles are hard to get rid of. Air purifiers that have HEPA filters can eliminate dust as small as 0.3 mm in size. HEPA filters can also eliminate other impurities such as dust mitesand pet hair from the air. However, it is not as effective for filtering very tiny dust particles. Also, HEPA filters should be replaced on a regular basis as dust particles can clog the filter’s openings.

Air Ionizers

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Air ionizers eliminate impurities by electrically charging pet allergen molecules. Unlike other air purifiers, air ionizers do not have fans or filters to filter out the air. The only problem with air ionizers is the production of ozone. Many models can generate ozone which is harmful for the environment and may even cause asthma and other breathing problems.

Carbon Filters

Carbon filters can only eliminate some specific gases from the air. They cannot remove particles of pet hair or dander. Also, pet owners usually buy a carbon air purifier to get rid of pet odors from a room. 

PECO Technology 

PECO air purifiers are designed to combat both; small and large sized dust particles. Molekule purifiers use the PECO (Photo Electrochemical Oxidation) technology to eliminate impurities through a two stage filtration process. In the first stage, a pre-filter is used to remove large particles, whereas in the second step, smaller molecules are destroyed by the air purifier.

How to Choose an Air Purifier

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Different types of air purifiers work differently. Where, air ionizers may not be suitable for people with asthma and carbon filters mostly work for pet odor, a HEPA or PECO filter is probably your best bet when it comes to eliminating harmful pet pollutants from the air. Also, dander and hair particles of different pets such as cats, dogs or even birds may vary in size and shape. Therefore, try to invest in an air purifier that can capture all types of pet pollutants from the air.

HVAC Repair and Maintenance

Daily maintenance and cleaning of your home’s heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems can also help to remove pet pollutants and purify the air. Although, staying away from pets is probably the best way to avoid pet induced allergies, however, if the symptoms are not too severe, then an air purifier will certainly prevent allergic triggers by filtering the air. Many filters may require extra cleaning or maintenance, however, it is worth the effort.

HEPA vs PECO: Which Filter better? 

Although, HEPA filters can trap pet hair and dander particles, they cannot completely destroy them. A Molekule purifier, however, is designed to permanently destroy pet pollutants with the help of the two stage PECO process. 

In the first stage, the device’s pre-filter purifies the air by capturing bigger pet particles such as pet hair. 

Then, in the second stage, smaller particles such as pet dander are broken down by a catalytic reaction. The PECO technology aids in the effective removal of large and small pet pollutants from the air.

To Sum Up

An air purifier can be used for two different purposes. Firstly, it can be used to eliminate harmful pollutants such as pet dander and hair particles that can trigger the symptoms of allergies in people with weak immune systems. Secondly, it can remove unpleasant odors from rooms with different pets. An indoor air purifier can certainly help people who own different types of pets safe from different airborne allergens. 

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