After scouring the internet for ideas, inspirations, tips, and tricks—and after visiting multiple dressmakers and markets- you will realize that real life is no TV show and choosing a dress is nowhere near as simple as they show in wedding TV shows. Now, being forced to step out of the dress-choosing fantasy you had created in your mind which most probably looked and played out like an episode of “Say Yes to the Dress”, you will most likely end up feeling emotionally and physically drained and desperate. You are probably realizing by now that too many shops, hundreds of options, thousands of dollars, and millions of seconds spent being anxious are the requirements of choosing a wedding dress in real life.


Well, whether you are going for a white wedding gown or a traditional wedding sari and whether you are buying from local dressmakers or looking to shop from a high-end designers, we are here to make your dress choosing and buying experience a little less stressful by giving you cost-effective tips on how to create an epic look with your dress. All you are going to need is our guide to different ways to look stunning in wedding or modest dresses.


  1. Be open to different colors!

A brilliant white gown can end up looking cheap and the weird kind of flashy especially in photos. Go for a champagne, ivory, rose gold, soft blush, off-white, and other similar tinted options you can find. These colors look classy and charming even in pictures and can give you a very elegant look. When buying saris and lehengas, be open to the non-traditional colors such as blue, green, purple, etc. Because they will be able to give you a more unique couture look than the traditional bright red lehenga.

  1. Choose the proper undergarments at your dress-fitting as well as on your wedding day!

To enhance the fitness of the dress, wearing proper undergarments is very important. Wear the same undergarments you’re planning on wearing at your wedding to the dress fitting to make sure there are no alteration errors and your underwear choice does not mess up your look somehow.  Not wearing a bra or padding underneath the dress or wearing the wrong bra or padding can result in unflattering creases in the fabric of the dress just below the bust line making you look like you are slouching or wearing a cheap fabric.

  1. Consider wearing a petticoat!

A satin petticoat underneath a net sari is an effortlessly gorgeous look. Also, if your dress has a flowing big skirt it is best to wear a petticoat underneath to prevent the fabric clinging to you or looking wonky. It will also give you space to walk and move freely without tripping over the fabric and accidentally ripping it.

  1. Alteration is your friend!

No matter what type of dress you get—be it a sari, a lehenga, a flirty A-line, a mermaid style- just make sure you do not cheap out on alteration and tailoring. Invest money in getting your dress fitted because a bad or loose fitting can make even the most expensive and brilliant dress look cheap and unflattering. Well, fitted gowns and saris automatically look more elegant and lavish. Find out which dress shape suits you best and then get a trusted seamstress to help you make sure your dress hugs you in all the right places.

  1. Accessorize creatively!

Make sure your jewelry and other related accessories go well together, you do not end up looking like a chunky mess of mismatched shades. Match your veil, dupatta, or fall to your blouse. Wear a crystal or satin belt, or a kamarband for adding a designer and expensive-looking touch to your gown or sari as well as accentuate your curves.

Add a couture look by using a belt- tie an ornate bow or use a brooch. Wearing delicate and intricate jeweled hair pieces are also a good idea as they look like they cost you a fortune but are actually easily available in very reasonable prices. Wearing a bolero or a shrug with a gown can actually add a really classy and graceful touch to your entire look.

  1. The back is as important as the front!

Image source: https://www.luckybridals.com

The back of your dress plays a huge role in the overall vibe your dress gives off. Look up couture or high-end designer versions of the type of dress you’re going to wear, you will notice how U and V shapes are so much more popular and beautiful than straight backs. Buttoned backs with silk covering the buttons, or sheer lace or net-backs are timeless beauties and your dress will never go out of style.

Use this guide to look beautiful in your wedding dress while also staying true to your personal style and staying friendly with your pockets!


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