Diamonds for men and women-what’s new in fashion

Whenever we think about the diamonds, the first and foremost thought that comes in our mind is something related to women. Although women are indeed more into jewellery and stuff than men, we can’t say that men do not or cannot wear diamonds. They really can do!

Where there are rings, watches, chains, bracelets and diamond stud earrings for women, there are diamond rings, studs and more for men as well. So, next time when the names of diamonds come up, do not forget men. Although they rarely go for flashy diamonds, they do wear them.

Diamonds and men… Really?

Usually, the women talk is a lot then the men do not come in the sights because we rarely ask for their say in the jewellery. Although we may not talk a lot about men and their accessory preferences this doesn’t mean that next time a man needs to accessorize himself he would ask a woman to lend her some. That’s which we need to know what’s in fashion for men and women both at the same time.


Men need to be decent because of their social settings and reputation. The slightest faux pas can sometimes print heir whole personality and reputation both at the same time. That is why they mostly go for simple yet beautiful things. For men, it is somewhat difficult to make jewellery because the designers have to think about every aspect. They have to make sure that what they are making is perfect for a particular man. There should be simplicity, uniqueness and creativity to create the best look of diamonds for men.

On the other hand, women may not always go for simple things. Some of them even go for huge and flashy stuff to add more value to their accessory collection. They keep on experimenting with different things which is very good in bringing more innovation to their style.

No sparkle

Most of the men do not prefer sparkles and shine. Even if they are wearing a diamond-studded watch, they would want to make it look as simple as ever but yes, they do not compromise over the style. When they want the best, they will not settle down for anything lesser than that. In the past, there were comparatively fewer options of accessories for men but this is not how it is today. Now, you can find a lot of stuff to choose from for men. There are rings, earrings, pendants, cufflinks and so much more. You name it, they have it. Although there are so many options now they will prefer going for something simple yet elegant. For instance, if they are wearing a ring, they would prefer one with a single band with a tiny diamond-studded

For women, a little sparkle never goes wrong. As they have a variety of things they can wear as accessories., they do not have to worry about the flashy stuff or the simple one. If something goes with their outfit, they would be good to go with it.

The popular trends for men and women!


When it comes to earrings, boys should go for single diamond-studded ear studs while women should go for slightly dangling jewellery or slightly big ear studs

Neck Chains

Men can go with both thin and thick chains. The preferences of type of the chain and pendant vary from person to person. For women, thick jewellery counts more than the thinner ones. They also like thinner for keeping their look light.


Men should go for simple bands while women must opt for huge diamonds with some tiny diamonds alongside. Women are somewhat selective when it comes to the rings because that’s how they are and they want everything to be as perfect as anything.

We all know that men and women have different preferences. Men do not go after beautifying themselves which is opposite to that of the women. They like to keep it as simple as possible especially when it comes to accessorizing themselves. So, if you ever want to gift accessories to someone, make sure that you keep in mind their gender, the latest fashion trends and their overall choices as well.


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