Detailed information about Seven Mukhi Rudraksha and Its benefits

Ruled by powerful Shani Bhagwan, it governs Saturn. When worn you get a respite from the ill effects of Saturn and relief from cold, chronic disease or any worry is a thing of the past. The wearer of this Rudraksha gets fame, wealth, and spiritual knowledge. To some extent, it is suggested that poverty never touches the wearer of it. It wards off all forms of fatal diseases and ensures you have a long life.

Known as Anant, it represents the seven covers (air, water, earth, Agni, Aakash, fire and darkness) Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi are the divine powers behind it. It helps one to achieve a significant amount of wealth. Each face of the Rudraksha is a representation of a serpent. They are powerful and live in each face.  Lord Shiva has special grace on the serpent. By his powerful grace, an individual is not affected by any sins and enjoys all the merits of life.

In scripts of seven face Rudraksha

  • Lord Shani- ruling deity
  • Saturn – ruling planet
  • Country or origin- Nepal
  • Sunsign- Aquarius and Capricorn


  • Improvements in cash flow along with better business prospects
  • Marital happiness enjoyed by the wearer
  • Increases sexual attractions
  • Attracts opposite sex
  • Remedy for sade- satti of Saturn
  • Helps in curing diseases controlled by the influence of Saturn like respiratory problems, impotence or foot related diseases

From an astrological point of view, Saturn indicates areas that we need to focus on as well as develop responsibility. You develop a strong inner strength and capacity to bear the hardship of life. You also learn to be humble, work hard and serve your fellow beings as a duty. This is without being humiliated or expecting anything in return. Practice for spiritual strengthening and developing concentration is enhanced

benefits of seven mukhi Rudraksha

People who are under the influence of Saturn should wear it. When you wear it, the atrocious effects of Saturn are minimized to a large extent. In short, it is one of the best remedies for Saturn. It is also beneficial in curing long standing diseases. It is not worn on the body and is normally kept in the place of worship. The bead in it is also helpful for an individual who is having Kalsarpa Jog in their birth charts. This bead is a favorite for the Tantric as it is also useful in a lot of yajnas.

To wear it, it is suggested that Saturday or Monday morning is the best time. It should be washed with panchamrut or Ganga Jal and worshipped and worn in gold, black thread or for the matter silver while facing east or north. A point to be noted is that it can be worn without any bead. After being engraved by the mantras, it should be worn, and when worn witha Blue Sapphire pendant, the power of the Rudraksha intensifies.

So the benefits of 7 face Rudraksha are immense. But it is a situation that can be rightly termed as make or break one when you wear it, so expert opinion of an astrologer is a must.

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