Daily Needs for Elderly Care

As people grow older, the need for additional attention and responsibilities raises. Sadly, family members usually lack the time and effort to devote to the elderly member of their circle because of work and other responsibilities they face every day, which results in finding the best nursing home for them. There are several institution that offers caregiver services in Chicago that can help in taking care of senior loved ones for their daily needs.

However, some people choose to carry the load of attending to their aged family member. The problem is they have a little knowledge on the necessities they need daily. Here is a list of the daily needs for your elderly that can help you.


A regular visit to their resident doctor is needed in order for them to remain healthy. The least you want is for them to acquire another disease. Prescribed medicines should be taken on a regular basis, or should be consumed on schedule. A medicine notebook is highly recommendable for you to ensure that they accurately take their medicine on the given time and date.


In order for them to live a comfortable life, proper nutrition and right diet is a necessity. Seeking the help of a nutritionist is a good idea to provide you a daily meal plan that is suitable for their condition. It’ll also enlighten and aid you on what food to purchase the next time you go to the grocery.



Minimal exercises can help in aggregating their general health. It can help them to improve their heart conditions, dropping down sugar and blood levels, burning off excess fat, and sustaining joint movements in the process. There are a lot of light exercises you can urge them to do, like stretching the upper and lower body, raising of the arms and legs, or aerobics. A daily walk or a light jog in the morning can also be a daily exercise for them.


Look for activities that your elderly can do in their free time. Keeping them busy with something promotes in stimulating the mind, refining the memory, and getting rid of their stress and anxiety. Make them do something they are passionate about; it can be painting, drawing, making crafts, playing musical instruments, knitting, or adopting and taking care of a pet. It can be anything. Engaging them into such activities can help them to be more focused and lessens their mood swing attacks.


Now is the time to remodel and clean all the clutter in your home. Free up your space for a senior-friendly surrounding. They usually require a lot of room for moving from one place to another. You can always install hand rails or widen your doors to make it easier for them to roam around.

Personal Care

There are a number of things that elderly people can’t do on their own anymore; eating, bathing, dressing, and grooming are some of them. Assisting them to do their daily personal care routine is an important everyday need for them. Make them feel safe and comfortable while helping them do these deeds.

Hopefully this list will help you to appropriately care for your senior loved ones. Nevertheless, showering them with a generous amount of love, patience, and positivity will make it easier for them to cope up with their challenges day by day.


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  • February 27, 2017 at 12:46 pm

    Personal care is an important daily need for a senior citizen. She may need assistance with bathing, dressing and personal grooming. A home-health aide or other family member can help with these tasks, if necessary.


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