Car Cleaning: Easy Tips To Clean Your Vehicle

Keeping the car interior clean is a matter of pride and rather importance because prolonged dust and chemical settlement may eat away surface of vehicle’s interior body. No need to fret as you can effectively clean the car from products generally found in your home. So here’s how to clean your car interior, the professional way!

Start with interior

You can call it a norm; professionals usually begin with interior cleaning. The most effective thing to do is vacuuming the seats first, removing the floor mats and washing them before moving on with in-car carpet (if any).

The next step is dusting the dashboard followed by treating rear window shelf and other surfaces. Tight corners such as A/C vents and around the dashboard knobs are cleaned best with cotton swabs or a toothbrush.

Cameras, in-car screen and touch system control (if any) can be treated with aerosol cans that can force the dust to fly away from micro apertures. The same products can be used to clean car upholstery as well as carpeting however, remember the following points;

  • Avoid overusing water or it’ll seep deeper into the padding mechanism under fabric as well as rust the upholstery buttons.
  • Wherever possible, work with damp rags instead of sponges or microfiber cloth is another neat option.
  • If things are already too wet, a portable hair dryer can effectively dry the padding and vaporise the water from around the seams and buttons.
  • Park the vehicle in different directions so that sunlight doesn’t shine over the same surface over and over again. This’ll keep the upholstery from deterioration and fading.
  • If climate is dry, allow some air to pass through window or sunroof to prevent heat build-up or it may crack the vinyl seat covers and dissolve fabric adhesives.
  • Dashboards, interior mouldings, steering wheels, vinyl seats and other plastic surfaces usually respond well to soapy solution. For best results, buy special vinyl-cleaning products.
  • Plastic and vinyl surfaces inside the automobile must be protected with materials especially designed for the purpose.
  • Spray silicone lubricant on the dashboard, weather stripping, rubber floor mats or vinyl to prevent cracking from coarse climate.
  • Avoid petroleum or oil-based products on vinyl surface as they can damage it for good.

Care for leather seats

Leather seats for cars are expensive and require extra care. With time, leather also dry out and age so you need keeping it cleaned and moisturized. Here’s how to do it the right way;

  • Premium-quality product like saddle soap is best to clean leather and preserve the quality. You can easily find one wherever car cleaning products are sold.
  • If you’re parking the vehicle directly under sunlight, lean the seats forward or cover them with something.
  • Install window tints that can block UV rays but keep fraction of car window open; allowing heat to release from cabin.


The above details pretty much answers the question as to how to clean your car interior without overspending.


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