Can Candles Kill Cravings for Food?

Obesity in India has reached a high percentage in recent years, with over half of people living in metropolitan cities being considered obese. As noted by The Times of India, this country is in a unique position because it is the number one country in terms of its underweight population, but is also within the top five in terms of obesity. If you are trying to shed a few pounds and you find that cravings are hard to resist, consider using an essential oil diffuser or scented natural candles to help curb these cravings. Research has shown that fragrance can have a key role to play in terms of your desire for food, so read on for inspiration of how to battle weight through your sense of smell!

Essential Oils and Natural Candles against Cravings

When you are counting calories or carbohydrates, you can find that you are suddenly in the mood for comfort foods like ice-cream, cookies, or a cheeseburger. A University of California study showed that you tend to crave foods when you are chronically stress. The cravings, in a sense, are the body’s attempt to make you feel good and lower stress levels. To lower stress, try using an essential oil diffuser. Studies have shown that lavender in particular can help battle stress and induce a calmer mood. Use only therapeutic grade essential oils for this purpose, to ensure they are potent enough to produce the desired effect. If you prefer burning natural candles, opt for anti-craving essential oil candles containing lavender or bergamot. The latter has been found to reduce stress but also reduce anxiety – which is excellent if you tend to jump off your diet bandwagon when you are in ‘fight or flight’ mode.

Vanilla vs Sweet Tooth Syndrome

If you find that you are always craving sugary foods in particular, a vanilla scented candle or smelling vanilla oleoresin essential oil may help. Unlike essential oils made from flowers or plants, vanilla oleoresin is not technically an essential oil, but rather, a semi-solid resin which is extracted from a whole vanilla bean. In a study undertaken at St George’s Hospital in London, researchers placed a vanilla-scented patch on the back of participants’ hands. They found that wearing the patch “significantly reduced sweet food intake” and promoted greater weight loss, compared to when a lemon-scented patch or when no patch at all was used. Those wearing te vanilla patch consumed half the chocolate as those in other groups, leading researchers to conclude that vanilla has the ability to alter the brain’s chemistry.

Keeping it Natural

To make the most of the benefits of vanilla in candles, ensure the latter are made with natural ingredients like soy. Many store-bought vanilla candles smell beautifully but are made with artificial fragrances and ingredients like paraffin – known to be toxic when burned and to increase the likelihood of respiratory problems. Your candles should be scented either with quality essential oils or vanilla oleoresin, since these fragrances are as close to smelling herbs, flowers, and beans in their natural state.

If you find that a penchant for comfort and sweet foods is getting in the way of your dieting success, consider using essential oils and scented candles (or a blend of both) to help curb cravings. Studies have shown that lavender and bergamot are great for stress. Vanilla, meanwhile, will help you avoid chocolate and other sweet delights that are so difficult to resist.


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