Budget-friendly Tips to Maintain Fashion and Style Altogether

When we talk about fashion or style, we get conscious about looks; we also get conscious of our budget. Budget is subjective; everyone is working within financial parameters. Keeping up with ever-changing fashion trends can be an expensive challenge for one. Every year new trends, new collections make one feels that last season’s clothes are outdated. Some people are blessed in a financial way that they never face any money issue in buying the things they desire. They pick what they like; their 4 door wardrobes are full of only for any specific clothing regardless of other collections. It’s good if you earn enough to afford Dior, Gucci, Chanel for every week of shopping, but it’s also smart to shop cautiously. 

New winters, summer, spring collections also have new fashion lines for lifestyle jewelry. When you want to shop, you also have accessories other than clothes, shoes, or scarves. One thing to keep in mind is that we often mix fashion with style, fashion is something in trend, but the style is something you do for yourself. It’s about dressing for your own self. When we say “you are looking stylish in skirt and top,” that means the one complimenting surely knows about style and saying you paired it well. 

Now that we are clear on the fashion and style subject, let’s come to budget-friendly tips. Some of us love to shop while some of us do not. But everyone has got clothes. So why not look great while not breaking your budget? Here are some amazing tips for you to shop cost-effectively without getting out of your account.

1- Review your closet

 Here is an interesting thing: we often don’t know or forget what we have in our wardrobes when we come home with shopping bags than we realize or feel sad that we went to buy another garment and bought this one. So, the first tip is thoroughly reviewing your closets. Here are also some points that will help you in reviewing your closet so that the next time you go shopping, you do not shop wrongly.

  • Check for basic garments, like plain t-shirts, jeans, simple jackets, or flats.
  • Also, check for plain colors supporting garments, generally termed as your solid wears.
  • What color is most used in your closet? If you want some change in your existing wardrobe, then you should make a list and add those colors or alterations to your list to keep a proper track of what you want and whatnot.
  • How many flats you have, how many more you want?
  • Count on heels, if you already have some with color black, beige, and in shoes, you have heels or court shoes, that’s easy for seasonal dress-up. You have one pair for summers and one for winter that you can wear on formal occasions as well.
  • Check if you have the right date dress? If not, add it now to your list.
  • Piling up t-shirts, sweater, blazers but don’t have proper evening outfit
  • Keep accessories check; if you already have dozens, don’t go for buying the new ones.
  • Accessories include perfumes, jewelry, scarves, hats, and belts.

So, we have shared some essential wardrobe tour list; let’s help further. Now that you have an idea that which garments section is more in number and what’s your wardrobe lacking? The next step is to prepare a final list of what you wish for that can be a part of your wardrobe.

2- Know the difference between what you want and what you need

For some people, reading this tip might feel like that their mom is talking, but sorry, pals, it is really important to know the difference between your need and your want. I know it’s a fashion-related article but don’t forget that I am here to give some budget-friendly tips. After reviewing your wardrobe, you clearly know what to buy and what is lacking in your wardrobe. Here is a tip for what you want to buy; if you are one of the persons who don’t buy certain dresses or tops because of their price tag and end up buying more things that you do not really like but compromise on, the tip here does not buy cheap things. Instead, make a small budget or save for your wish list, cut down any other expenses, and not compromise quality. 

Now you figure out what you want, first try to style within your wardrobe, if it’s not working then buy new ones. Obviously, for that, you also have to set a budget and make savings.

3- Sell or swap in your circle

Instead of throwing away clothes, look for swapping in your circle. Obviously, you have to be of a similar size for this task, but you can swap certain free size items, or if you have to eye for a friend’s wardrobe, ask if the swap is conventional. Giving clothes to goodwill is a good option, but after giving away unwanted clothes to them, you shop double and are likely to cross your budget boundary, which is not wise in any way. So swapping is also a good option.

Another option is to sell online, like eBay. Sell clothes, purses, shoes, or workout clothes. But make sure that they should be in good condition. Selling helps in saving some money, or you can buy your favorite piece that you have an eye on for a long time. Donate clothes, but don’t buy dozens of more. 

4- Tips for seasonal clearance sale

Who doesn’t love sales? Everyone loves sales, especially the flat 50% or 70% off sales items. Instead of blinding yourself for buying items on sale, you must make a wise choice beforehand. The first tip is making your budget. Sales have options for searching by price; you should totally use that to select items. Shop from sale as soon as it is started in that way; you can buy your size. Also, search for items with return or exchange policies; in that case, you don’t have to stick with an item that is not your size or won’t wear. Remember, the whole point is money saving.

Another tip is finding items that are most needed in the closet. Get yourself one or two items from sale and pair them with a wardrobe collection. This technique is very useful. But mostly fashion-related or those who are experts in choosing clothing items know about this.

Nowadays, discount codes are in trend. It’s like influencers or bloggers have paid partnerships with certain brands where they provide a 10%, 20% discount to that social media influencer’s followers. These discounts have really helped in shopping or buying in daily life products.

5- Shop for classic, versatile items

   As you make a list of the items you want for your dream wardrobe, a small closet with quality clothing and items is far better than a large, big closet with cheap, ill-fitting items is not a good idea. The tip is to stick with essential classic items and embellish them with trends. Look for designs that can make you look up and down that make great outfits for day and night. I prefer to think the classic item is one that lasts longer. It might take many items of washing yet remains the same. For example, long leather boots, black jeans, woolen coat and many more.

Suppose you have 10 tops (quality one), 5 pairs of jeans, 3, skirts and other significant accessories from which you can have more than 100 outfits with different styling ideas.

6- Be creative and make your style

Here is an important point, these tips are surely helpful, but they can be more useful when you know how to style yourself. One should always know their style. Following fashion blindly can make you and your style look odd. Styling is what everyone craves for. If you can afford it you can hire a stylist, he/she will surely guide you about some similar tips, but keep in mind that you will have to pay for the stylist’s fee. Creativity is coming when you experiment with new items. One item with another, you start to brainstorm, look on the internet, and have style and creative mind. think of outfits as a combination; swapping one item with another can give you a new look.

The bottom line

The foremost thing in styling is that you must not forget your true value and your personality. You must remember that the actual thing is the financial freedom that you must live with. In order to follow fashion and buying expensive clothes, do not make your pocket go empty. Research well, choose wisely, and then shop wisely. Do not ever try to be a part of the never-ending race of glamour and fashion just to beat the competition because the more you do so, the more you’ll feel less contented. The tips mentioned above are some of the many that will bring a great difference in your life to save your pocket yet look stylish.


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