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Best Cat Eye Sunglasses For Your Style & Face Shape In 2019

Glasses selected correctly can alter your look significantly. It doesn’t only balances your facial features but also depict elegance with your dressing. You look gorgeous when you are wearing sunglasses which suit your personality. They can either be in concurrence with your dress shirt or they look awesome with your silk scarf.

Today’s article is about how we can help you chose the best glasses to supplement your looks and dress. You might have heard a lot of suggestions about perfect glasses but they are easier said than done. There are other numerous factors attached to appeal to your style. Do not fear even if you have an oval, square, round, diamond and heart-shaped face. There is a type of spectacles for each facial type. The stylists design the glasses in a way that it can suit your personality.

Sunglasses are a small accessory which can have a great impact in uplifting your personality. A variety of facial cuts have been discovered as the fashion industry is booming. Since 90s new fashion and styles are introduced and some of them are reintroduced from the early times of the fashion industry. One of them is Cat-eye sunglasses. It was a trend in the good old days but people have revived it by giving it different colors and shapes. It is very popular amongst the new generation because of its simple structure which suits every type of facial cuts.

In this article, we will go through some of the latest fashion and styles which have become a trendsetter for the fashion industry with respect to the category of sunglasses in the year 2019.

  1. Sharp Cat Eyes

These types of sunglasses are quite popular in terms of making a fashion statement. Don’t mix them with your grandmother’s sunglasses as they have stylish features with sleek temples which taper to the point. They look equally good on opaque and transparent glasses. Wearing these frames will give you to walk around with confidence. These glasses have been the celebrity’s first choice for a long time. In the early times, the increased the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, and Marilyn Monroe. Even today’s most stylish faces have these glasses as their first choice. They are seen with Katy Perry, Miranda Kerr, and Mary Blige. They walk in style and grace carrying these glasses.

  • Black Cat Eye Glasses

The modern look of the Derek Cardigan 7005 Black cat eye glasses is so mesmerizing that it creates a signature, it has a streamlined shape with a math symbol which is detailing the temples. These glasses go with almost every type of face cut. The give a confident and bold look to the person who is wearing it. It can be used as everyday glasses and sunglasses with grey or opaque lens that appeals to almost everyone who sees it. Brown lens is also popular with these glasses.

  • Retro Cat Eye Glasses

These glasses are available with some catchy colors like lavender and cherry. It can be enhanced with an option of Lucite frames. The new cat eye look trending in 2019 is not about the super thin lens but the more round bottom lens is in these days with a special triangular shape. These glasses are available in the market with almost every brand.

  • Round Faces Cat Eyes Glasses

The cat eye glasses for round faces can only be used with a single color like a black shade. The best look is with sharper edges and enormous specs for the finest appearance. You should for a curve and thicker frames. The people will forget about your round cheeks and full jawlines. The glasses will make your face look thin and fine.

  • Square Faces Cat Eyes Glasses

The advice by the fashion experts on square faces is that you should use the subtle frames, with round edges and softer look. This will reduce the sharpness of your jawline. The narrow glasses will allow you to have more focus on making an up life to your face instead of accentuating on the square effect.

  • Big Cat Eye Glasses

It is anticipated that these feminine pair of oversized cat eye glasses will be in season for a long time. They are perfect for people with elaborating cheekbones and gives you a retro vintage touch in your style. The markets are flooded with the modern style glasses as well as old fashioned large cat eye which equally look invigorating. If you intend to go for a classic look, better to go for a black cat eye frame instead of colors.

  • Tortoise Shell Cat Eye Glasses

These types of sunglasses are the most popular because of their textured frame and funky look. They usually go with the dark brown and black lens. They will surely be your favorite pair season after season. Fashion stylist recommends them for the younger generation in the summer season. Once you wear them outside your home, you will see everyone asking about them and from where you bought them. These glasses will remain your first choice for a long time with memorable moments and glittering smiles.

Conclusion The choice of perfect eyeglasses will not only complement your look but create a refinement in your facial expressions. The most important thing is not only to look for the trends but also check your own comfort and confidence in wearing it. It doesn’t matter if you try the glasses a hundred times, you should be satisfied with your heart before buying it as an elegant branded sunglasses is a significant investment in monetary terms. Sunglasses might not be a significant accessory in your bag but it has a lot of impact on your look. A stylish pair will last with you for a lifetime because of its durability and comfort. The increasing trends in 2019 are for funky and colorful lens instead of conventional black glasses. They express calm and comfort with your ongoing looks.

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