Benefits of Having a Pet for Senior Citizens

According to research, it has been observed that more than 35% of the seniors experience loneliness. Loneliness and isolation can have a severe effect on the mental and physical well-being of seniors or older people, so that is the reason that having a pet could be the safest option for them. We all know that animals are the most loveable creatures, and they would be a source of comfort and support for older people.

Which breed of pet should a senior citizen have?

When it comes to having a pet, you can both have a dog or a cat for your emotional support, but the question here is, which is the friendliest breed of the dog or a cat? Labrador retriever, Beagle, Poodle, Bichon Frise, and Boxer are some of the most exuberant, energetic, and affectionate dogs among numerous dog types. One of the other dog breeds that are super friendly is pedigree; these animals are mixed breeds and will make a wonderful pet for you.

Cats are very likable, but some of the cat breeds are more loving and friendly than others. The top cat breeds that older people adapt as a pet include Ragdoll, Abyssinian, Birman, Siamese, Persian, and Maine Coon. These cats love human attention and affection, and their energy will make you happy and joyful.

Reasons for a senior should keep a pet.

There are several reasons older people should have pets, but some of them are as follow,

  • Pets provide companionship
  • Provide emotional and mental support
  • Helps develop a routine
  • Have a positive effect on your health
  • Help stay invested in life

Benefits of having a pet for seniors

Here are some of the vital advantages of having a pet for older people,

    1. Stress Reliever

As loneliness makes them feel vulnerable, animals can make older people happy and help them get stress free. They would not have to worry about other things. They’ll have a responsibility as well as the companionship of a pet. In research, it has also been found out that older people with pets are more likely to be happy than older people with no pets.

2. Makes them active

 It is necessary to take your dog for a walk daily so that they can stay physically fit and have no behavioral issues. Still, when the seniors take them out for a walk, then it makes them fresh too because we all know that it is never a dull moment in nature, so walking your dog makes exercise a big part of your life. Your dog would enjoy walking with their partner as much you do, but walking should be made a routine so that you can enjoy fresh air every other day.

3. New Interests

A pet, either a dog or a cat, helps the seniors get involved in different activities. They can enjoy each other’s company by going to running or exploring a beach or lake. The older people can also participate in various community pet shows with their animals; thus, this will make them social too. They can also play with their pets or teach them a new trick, so such activities will get them occupied and involved.

4. Pets ease the pain

Your pet not only shares your pain but also eases it and provides you support in difficult times. Most of the seniors live alone, which results in common health issues, and as they can’t take their minds off their vulnerabilities and health issues, this makes them sicker. Still, if they keep a pet around, they can talk to them and share their feelings with them and trust us when we say that there are no better listeners anywhere than your pets.

5. Health Benefits

It has been observed that older people with pets are likely to be healthier than those with no pets. A study has found that pet therapy can result in decreased blood pressure and an average heart rate. So, the seniors take their pet for a dog or play with them; they prevent many health diseases like obesity and cardiovascular issues.

A pet keeps you invested in life; for older people, the pets are beneficial because they keep them engaged and well aware of their surroundings. When seniors go out for a walk with their pets, they can meet new people and be friends with them, which will also work as a cure for loneliness. Having a pet makes older people more loveable for others. But one thing they should make sure before taking a pet home is that if it’s healthy or not, they must know about the animal’s age and make sure they won’t get much tired.


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