Before You Choose: Grow Your Knowledge of Dietary Supplements

market study in 2012 found that 78% of individuals in urban areas of India take dietary supplements. The demand for supplements continues to thrive as individuals aim to unlock better health for themselves. If you are taking a more active interest in selecting dietary supplements that help your health, it is important to know how to choose appropriately. This begs the question how should you go about it?

Some Cause for Concern

People who want to get healthy do numerous things like eating healthily, exercising more often, and taking supplements to top up their nutrition. Which is why it is so staggering that 60-70% of dietary supplements sold in India are either forged, unregistered, or unapproved. The intake of any sketchy dietary supplement can put your health at serious risk. So if you want to take Vitamin C to boost your immune system, it would be smart to familiarize yourself on how to spot authentic or good supplements.

Check the Packaging

Your health can be severely affected by unsafe supplements so successfully spotting them can spare you the risk. Fake supplements often have faulty or substandard packaging. The goal is to mimic original packaging but they cut corners to ensure maximum profit. Make it a point to check the label of the supplement you are intending to buy. If there are any misspelled words, there’s a big chance that the product is not authentic. Feel around the bottle or the wrapping, if there are any odd indentations or damage, practice safety and do not buy it. Do not rely solely on your memory to judge if the product is legitimate. Bring the old packaging along with you or store photos of them in your phone so you can compare them properly. 

Avoid Over-Eager Sellers

The market for supplements in India is huge so it follows that there is a lot of money to make from selling dietary supplements. This, however, should not be a license to pester buyers. The market culture in India can be aggressive but legitimate and upscale establishments do not bug their customers. If you find yourself facing a seller that is too eager–to the point that they offer you massive discounts–be very wary. Authentic supplements rarely go on sale because their pricing is already competitive. Interested buyers will always find their way to licensed distributors so there is no need to sell the product hastily. 

Buy from Legitimate Sources

The digital world has made it entirely possible to sell products online so the rise of digital entrepreneurs is also enabling those who look for supplements. While there are some online shops that are reliable, it is ultimately best to buy for legitimate sources. If there is a particular brand that you like, try to find out their registered distributors in nearby areas. That may seem a bit of a hassle but that is way better than imbibing supplements that put you at risk.

When you take the right supplements, they are rather effective in topping up your health. It is a shame that there are individuals who aim to take advantage of this. Just remember these few tips and you can significantly lessen your exposure to fake or precarious supplements.


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